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Free Online Learning

The King’s College is happy to offer complimentary, self-paced microcourses featuring our distinguished faculty. As an academic institution, we believe that education is for a lifetime, so all are eligible to sign up and start learning.

Jacqueline Rivers

Jacqueline C. Rivers is the Executive Director and Senior Fellow for Social Science and Policy of the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies.

Tuition and Costs of Attendance

Direct expenses are paid directly to The King’s College and will appear on your statement. Indirect expenses are not paid to King’s, but are part of the overall cost of attending college. These expenses include things like books, food, transportation, and housing if you are living off-campus.


Explore what’s happening on campus and beyond.

Spring 2021 Reopening Plan

The King’s College prioritizes the health and safety of our community while providing students with an outstanding education, delivered by our world-class faculty. This 2020 Initial Reopening Plan outlines modifications to the typical campus experience for fall 2020.

King’s Crossover

Begin your King’s education with challenging online courses, then seamlessly transition to New York City to complete your degree.


King’s students communicate with clarity and grace, and they lead with integrity and excellence.