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Almonte, Yulian

king's crest

Senior Porter

Anderson, Jennifer

Jennifer Hiett

Assistant Controller; Lecturer in Finance

Ashley, Blake

Blake Ashley

Admissions Counselor

Au-Mullaney, Rebecca

Rebecca Au-Mullaney

Director of Strategic Communication

Bahnsen, David L.

David Bahnsen


Barringer, Judy L.

Judy Barringer


Beckett, John D.

John Beckett

Trustee Emeritus

Bond, Nathan

Nathan Bond


Brenberg, Brian

Brian Brenberg

Executive Vice President

Chen, Tonnie

Tonnie Chen

Director of Development Services

Cline, Shelli

Shelli Cline

Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Operations

Cochran, Tyler

Tyler Cochran

Assistant Director of Admissions

Corpus, Eric

Eric Corpus

Director of Digital Media and Marketing

Davis, Lauren

lauren davis

Program Assistant at the MPJI

Devos, Richard M.

Rich Devos

March 4, 1926 — September 6, 2018

DeVos, Helen

Helen Devos

February 24, 1927 — October 18, 2017

Dishman, Megan

Megan Dishman

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Douglass, Steve

Steve Douglass


Dunn, Timothy

Tim Dunn

Chairman of the Board

Durgin, Celina

celina durgin

Administrative Director of the Center for Hebraic Thought

Evers, Michael

Michael Evers


Finley, Bryan

Bryan Finley

Athletic Director

Fuenzalida, Bracey

Bracey Fuenzalida

Director of Information Technology

Gibson, Tim

Tim Gibson


Glader, Eleni

TKC Logo

Director of Admissions for New York City Semester in Journalism

Gleason, Grace A.

Grace Gleason

Director of Human Resources

Gulomikova, Nelly

Nelly Gulomikova

Staff Accountant/AP

Hijleh, Mark

Mark Hijleh

Provost and Professor in Music

Hinen, Joshua

Josh Hinen

Housing Manager

Hrynuik, Michael

michael hrynuik headshot

Director of the Meraki Honors Program

Hunter, Noah

Noah Hunter

Assistant Vice President of Admissions

Iglesias, Marisa

Marisa Iglesias

Admissions Counselor

Jhun, Esther

Esther Jhun

Director of Counseling Services

Jones, Aizess

Aizess Jones

Financial Aid Associate

Lassiter, Megan

Megan Lassiter

Housing Director for the Financial District

Leedy, David

David Leedy

VP for Student Development and Dean of Students

Lopez, Andrea

Andrea Lopez

Director of Student Services

Mangarelli, Bill

king's crest

Head Coach For Men's And Women's Basketball

Middlekauff, Paul

Paul Middlekauff


Morriello, Henry G.

Henry Morriello


Mosqueda, Leticia A.

Leticia Mosqueda

Director of Residence Life

Nakamura, Natalie

Natalie Nakamura

Creative Director

Nulick, Vanessa

Administrative Director of Admissions

Palomares, David A.

David Palomares


Parks, Matthew

Matthew Parks

Associate Professor of Politics

Perez, Fanny

Fanny Perez


Perman, Matt

Matt Perman

Director of Career Development

Peters, Anna

Anna Peters

Director of Financial Aid

Pope, Dustin

Dustin Pope

Senior Admissions Counselor

Reeve, Kimberly

Kimberly Reeve

Associate Professor of Business

Rogers, Bridget

bridget rogers

Chief Development Officer

Rogers, Christina

Christina Rogers

Director of Library Services

Ryan, Samantha

Samantha Ryan

Administrative Director of Academic Affairs

Santos, Pedro De Los

king's crest


Schatz, Emily

Emily Schatz


Sharafutdinov, Marat

king's crest

Network Administrator

Sheaffer, Jonathan

Jonathan Sheaffer

Director of Student Development

Shoemaker, Catie

Catie Shoemaker

Admissions Counselor

E. Bailey Marks, Sr.,

Bailey Marks

December 17, 1932 — February 13, 2020

Stayer-Maloney, Launa

Launa Stayer


Stokeld, Danise

Danise Stokeld

Director of Academic Advising

Strittmatter, Cameron Danger

Cameron Strittmatter

Head of Production

Swedick, Nick

Nicholas Swedick

Assistant Dean of Students

Switzer, Richard

Rich Switzer

Director of Facilities

Tamm, Katelyn

Katelyn Tamm

Associate Director of Admissions

Tharp, Jennifer

Jennifer Tharp

Assistant Dean of Student Academic Services

Tompkins, Patterson

Patterson Tompkins

Admissions Counselor

Torino, Frank

Frank Torino

Chief Financial Officer

Troutt, Lisa

Lisa Troutt


Ward, Brittin

Brittin Ward

Educational Ventures and Services Administrator

Watson, Sydney

Sydney Watson

Admissions Counselor

Willis, Joey

Joey Willis

Christian Formation Coordinator

Willis, Kylie

Kylie Willis

Christian Formation Coordinator

Wilson, Susie

Susie Wilson


Wilson, Jacob

Jacob Wilson

Technical Director

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