The King’s College offers a different kind of liberal arts education — one that focuses on thought leadership, oratory excellence and Christian faith. While many liberal arts colleges present a smattering of courses from across the disciplinary map, The King’s College trains to think philosophically and theologically on national and global topics and institutions.  We consider all ideas judiciously inorder to understand the good, the true, and the beautiful. We seek to produce leaders who understand what causes institutions, nations, and cultures to flourish.

King’s awards degrees based on a structure of twenty Common Core courses, taken by all students. Specific major and minor classes build upon this foundation in order preserve academic coherence and encourage ambitious intellectual application throughout college and career.

Our method is distinctive, because we know the best leaders are not just those who have the best techniques; they are those whose principles and integrity are rooted deeply in the soul. We live in unusual times — culturally, politically, economically and spiritually. The academic and professional networks to which we have access in New York City provide tremendous opportunities for graduates to contribute to the common good locally, nationally, and globally.