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Faculty give students a model of full-bodied Christian maturity, with faith and intellect working in harmony.

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Blander, Joshua

Joshua Blander

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Bleattler, Henry R.

Henry Bleattler

Associate Professor of History and the Humanities

Bradley, Anthony B.

Anthony Bradley

Professor of Religious Studies

Brand, Steele

Steele Brand

Associate Professor of History

Brenberg, Brian

Brian Brenberg

Executive Vice President; Associate Professor of Business and Economics

Campbell, Ethan

Ethan Campbell

Professor of English and Literature

Carle, Robert

Robert Carle

Professor of Religious and Theological Studies

Davis, Annie Augustine

Lecturer of Journalism

Day, Chris Cragin

Chris Cragin-Day

Associate Professor of English and Theater

Dennis, Graham

Graham Dennis

Lecturer of Philosophy

Dickieson, Brenton

Brenton Dickieson

Lecturer of Literature

Fotopulos, Dawn

Dawn Fotopulos

Professor of Business

Furticella, Chelsea Matiash

Chelsea Matiash

Lecturer of Journalism

Gannon, Jim

jim gannon

Lecturer of Business

Glader, Paul

Paul Glader

Professor of Journalism, Media and Entrepreneurship

Goeglein, Tim

Tim Goeglein

Senior Fellow

Griffith, Joseph

Dr. Joseph Griffith

Assistant Professor of Politics

Helms, Todd von

Senior Fellow

Hendershott, Anne

Anne Hendershott

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Public Affairs

Hershey, Joshua

Joshua Hershey

Assistant Professor of Science and Philosophy

Innes, David C.

David Innes

Professor of Politics

Johnson, Dru

Dr. Dru Johnson

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Jue, Jeffrey K.

Jeffery Jue

Senior Fellow of Christianity and Culture

Kabiawu, Dami

Dami Kabiawu

Associate Professor of Finance

Kildow, Harold

Harold Kildow

Lecturer of Politics

Kinlaw, Joshua

Joshua Kinlaw

Assistant Professor of History and Humanities

Kong, Lynda

Lynda Kong

Lecturer of English And Writing

Kurczy, Stephen

Stephen Kurczy

Lecturer of Journalism

Laurence, Trevor

trevor lauerence headshot

Lecturer of Biblical Studies

Lehtonen, Kelly

Kelly Lehtonen

Assistant Professor of English and Writing

Lisi, Clemente

Clemente Lisi

Affiliate Associate Professor of Journalism

Loconte, Joseph

Senior Fellow of Christianity and Culture

Marshall, Barry

barry marshall headshot

Lecturer of Business

Melamed, Christine Pulliam

Lecturer of Music

Mills, Andrew

Andy Mills

Senior Fellow

Mueller, Paul

Paul Mueller

Associate Professor of Economics

Myer, Robb

Robb Myer

Fellow of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Nichols, Nick

Nick Nichols

Lecturer of Religious and Theological Studies and History

Nicholson, Robert

Robert Nicholson

Senior Fellow of the Center for Hebraic Thought

Parks, Matthew

Matthew Parks

Chief Academic Officer; Interim Provost

Pike, Virginia

Virginia Pike

Lecturer of Musical Theater

Pincin, Jared A.

Jared Pincin

Associate Professor of Economics

Pressley, J.P.

jp pressley headshot

Lecturer of Writing

Reeve, Kimberly

Kimberly Reeve

Associate Professor of Business

Reynolds, John Mark

John Mark Reynolds

Senior Fellow of the Humanities

Rivers, Jacqueline

jacqueline rivers

Senior Fellow of the Center for the Study of Christianity and the Black Experience

Roper, Charles R.

chip roper

Lecturer of Business

Salyers, Stephen N.

Steve Salyers

Associate Professor of Communications and Humanities

Sherwood, Matthew

Faculty Matt Sherwood

Fellow of Business and Finance

Shlaes, Amity

Amity Shlaes

Presidential Scholar

Siedell, Daniel A.

Dan Siedell

Senior Fellow of Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism

Siegler, Karelyn

Visiting Professor of Art

Smith, Mark W.

Mark Smith

Senior Fellow of Law and Public Policy

Talcott, David

David Talcott

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Tubbs, David

David Tubbs

Associate Professor of Politics

White, Benjamin Grant

Benjamin White

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies; Chair of Religious and Theological Studies

Wilkinson, Alissa

Alissa Wilkinson

Associate Professor of English and Humanities

Williams, Phillip

Phillip Williams

Associate Professor of Mathematics

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