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The King’s College program in Humanities is an interdisciplinary, historically-oriented humanities degree centered on the history, philosophy, literature, and arts of Western Civilization. The program prepares students to: a) think carefully about the ideas that have shaped our culture for centuries; b) understand how those ideas have influenced the history of Christian faith and practice; and c) reflect on the relationship between intellectual formation and character formation more generally.


Today’s academy has largely abandoned the focused study of these ideas, but they remain a valuable source of wisdom and understanding that can equip us to challenge the assumptions of our day and prepare us to think carefully about the relationship between our faith and our culture.

Those who major in Humanities will be well-trained in the reading, writing, and thinking skills necessary for advanced academic study and success in the marketplace. The Humanities major particularly provides excellent preparation for students interested in entering the rapidly-growing field of classical Christian education.

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The Humanities major is distinctive in several ways. Our historical orientation emphasizes the ancient and medieval traditions across the primary disciplines comprising the major. The interdisciplinarity of the major, conjoined with additional emphases in Economics, Politics, and Religion, provides students with a robust conception of the world, and helps them to integrate more fully their reflections on character and relationship to the world beyond their intellects alone.

The broad scope of the Humanities major ensures that graduates will study many of the classic texts within the western tradition and the key questions that both originally inspired and continue to animate them.


Plus five electives from a list of history, humanities, Latin, literature, philosophy, and politics courses, including two in history and one each in literature and philosophy. Please see the College Catalog for the full list of eligible electives.