Admissions Requirements

King’s students are among the best and brightest in America. These students share one goal — to unlock the potential to influence, lead, and transform society.  

Our program focuses on communication as a cornerstone of influence. We speak persuasively, write effectively, and think critically. Students work to develop a compassionate Biblical worldview that informs a life of genuine influence within corporations and non-profits across the nation and globe. 

New York City is the perfect place to acquire the skills and experience necessary to become an influential part of society. Nowhere else in the world is there such opportunity to compete, learn, lead, and share God-given talents, hard-earned skills, and brilliant ideas.

The King’s College is not for everyone. We seek students who are inspired by society’s undeniable need for change, for leaders grounded in integrity, and for driven young adults who seek to bring humility and virtue to the most unlikely workplaces. Some students are truly better suited to any of the other 2,500 colleges in the nation — but those who are searching for intellectual and spiritual depth belong at The King’s College. 

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