Admissions for High School Seniors

High School Seniors Admissions Checklist

Follow these steps to apply to The King’s College. 

Step 1: Apply for Admission (Click to learn more about Early Action)

Step 2: Submit high school transcripts. 

The King’s College accepts faxed copies of transcripts. High schools may fax  the original transcripts to 877-349-0231. 

Step 3: Submit  ACT and/or SAT scores. 

High schools may include these on the transcript. If not, please complete an online request for ACT scores at www.act.org, using school code 2784 or for SAT scores for www.collegeboard.com, using school code 2871.  

The Admissions Team reviews applications upon receipt of all materials and responds within two to four weeks.

Early Action:

If The King's College is one of your top choices, applying early action may be a great option. Early action is not binding, but indicates that you are serious about attending King's in the fall. Students who apply Early Action will receive an expedited financial aid package if they complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before January 31st. Admitted students must pay a $500 refundable enrollment deposit by December 15th. 

Benefits of Applying Early Action:

• A $250 travel reimbursement to return to campus for a shadow visit or Interregnum in the Spring semester
• Expedited financial aid packages (if FAFSA submitted before January 31st) 
• Priority housing placement (if housing application & deposit submitted by March 31st)


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