The King's College

Apply For Readmission


You may apply for readmission to The King’s College if:

  • You took an unofficial leave of absence from the College
  • You were granted an official leave of absence from the College but did not return to matriculated status after the course of one semester
  • You were academically suspended and wish to continue your studies at King’s
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Application Steps

To be readmitted, you must complete an “Application for Readmission” and email the completed document to Katelyn Tamm at You will need to provide copies of transcripts from any institution you have attended since you last attended King’s.

If you have been away from The King’s College for five or more years you may be required to supply test scores, high school transcripts, or other parts of an initial application.

If you left the College in “Good Standing,” Admissions will either approve or deny readmission applications and will inform the student.

Readmitted students are subject to the academic requirements and policies in effect at the time of their return to the College. Updated policies can be found in the most recent College Catalog.

If you wish to apply for readmission after a period of Academic Suspension, your application must be accompanied by a letter, addressed to the Office of Academic Affairs, with the following information:

  • Explain your reasons for seeking to return to the College
  • Show any evidence that supports that you will, if readmitted, meet the College’s academic requirements
  • You should include an official transcript of courses taken during the student’s period of suspension.

Contact Katelyn Tamm in the Admissions Office with any questions: