Visiting King’s

Travel Voucher Terms and Conditions

Students approved for a travel voucher may use it only towards travel expenses related to visiting The King’s College and only up to $250. This includes, but is not limited to, airfare, bus or rail tickets, rental cars (for the duration of the trip only) and/or hotel expenses. Check with your Admissions Counselor before booking your travel if you are wondering if the voucher will cover certain expenses.

Once you have purchased your tickets and/or hotel, forward the receipts to your Admissions Counselor via email. Include in your email:

  • Student’s Name
  • Date(s) of Visit
  • Name the check should be made payable to
  • Mailing address

The receipt(s) or picture of the receipt must show the name of the traveler (the student), dates of travel, and the total cost of the ticket. It also must show the travel destination.
Please note:

  • If you cancel your trip or do not attend your campus visit you forfeit your travel voucher.
  • A student receiving a travel voucher is expected to stay for the duration of the event that he/she is attending.
  • If you submit your receipt at least 2 weeks before your visit, you will receive your check upon completion of the visit. If you submit your receipt less than 2 weeks in advance, your check will be mailed to you after your visit.
  • Travel vouchers can only be applied to the student’s travel and not a parent or guardian’s.
  • You must submit the request and necessary documents no later than two weeks after the visit in order to be granted the travel voucher.
  • The dollar amount must be listed on the submitted receipt. We do not reimburse frequent-flyer miles or any other type of reward points. We can only reimburse dollar amounts located on the submitted receipts up to the value of the voucher.