If you’re asking, “How can I know whether being a ______ is something I might enjoy?”, then you’re ready to create prototypes—cheap, quick and informative experiences that help you envision whether a particular vocational direction (major/minor, career, company) is right for you.

Informational Interviews

The informational interview is one of the best prototyping tools in your toolbox. An informational interview is not a job interview, but a conversation. Its purpose is not to get a job, but to hear a story—how someone came into her career, what it’s like to be at his firm, etc.

Informational interviews also help you build your network—an essential opportunity-finding tool in your toolbox. Here’s a secret: 70-80% of jobs are never posted. (Forbes, NPR) The vast majority of hiring is done by friends and acquaintances hiring other trusted friends and acquaintances. One of the greatest advantages of going to King’s is the vast and diverse professional network you can build—from Wall Street to Broadway to Rock Center.

To learn more about informational interviews, check out our Networking page.

Marketplace Visits

One of the advantages of going to school in NYC is the variety of companies and organizations that are here. You don’t have to travel to visit, for example, Google, The Wall Street Journal, or any number of other places.

In the past we have hosted marketplace visits to Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, The New York Times, Christie’s Auction House, NBC, and more. To see when and where upcoming marketplace visits are happening, and to sign up to attend, click: here.


Internships are the best prototype, especially as you become increasingly sure of the industry or place where you want to work. Each year, almost 60% of our students do at least one internship. To explore internship opportunities, be sure to join KingsConnect, where we post opportunities that come to us through our office, and to explore LinkedIn.