Commencement 2019

73rd Annual Commencement Exercises

Event Recordings

Recordings of the Commencement and Award Ceremony (May 7) and Graduation Ceremonies (May 8) are available to view on our YouTube channel.

Class of 2021 Digital Yearbook

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Here are the winners and nominees for the 2020-2021 awards bestowed at the Commencement and Award Ceremony on May 7. An asterisk (*) denotes the award winner.

Athlete of the Year

Corinne Boonstra
Bailey Kaufman
Edvin Loefgren*
Renae Maganza

Business and Finance Academic Excellence Award

Noelle Hale*
Edvin Loefgren
Renae Maganza
Whitney Winn

Faculty of the Year Award

Anthony Bradley
Steele Brand*
Dru Johnson
Dami Kabiawu

Faculty Service Award

Henry Bleattler
Robert Carle*
Matthew Parks

Faculty Teaching Award

Steele Brand
Chris Cragin Day
Clemente Lisi*
David Talcott

Harriet Tubman Award

Deb Gonçalves*
Koby Jackson
Tia McCord
Serena Tuomi

Humanities Academic Excellence Award

Arianna Haynes
Micah Long*

Joe T. Ford Award

Noelle Hale
Edvin Loefgren
Renae Maganza*

Journalism, Culture and Society Academic Excellence Award

River Bell
Gabriela Kressley
Shannon Mason
Serena Tuomi*

Media, Culture, and the Arts Academic Excellence Award

Annabel Hutchinson
Gracie McBride*

MCA Capstone Award of Excellence

Olivia Bolling*
Nadja de Sá

Outstanding Service to the House System Award

David Leedy
Jonathan Sheaffer*

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Academic Excellence Award

David Hancock
Catie Shoemaker*

Roberta Green Ahmanson Journalism Award

Gabriela Kressley
Shannon Mason*
Njeri McPherson
Liza Vandenboom

Scholar Athlete Award

Pavel Goz
Edvin Loefgren
Renae Maganza*
Serena Tuomi

Staff Leadership Award

Mark Hijleh*
Katelyn Tamm

Staff of the Year Award

Megan Dishman
David Leedy
Andrea Lopez*
Jonathan Sheaffer

Staff Service Award

Yulian Almonte
Andrea Lopez*
Brittin Ward

Student Service Award

Micah Long
Shá Sanders*

William R. Bright Award

Elaina Bals
Hannah Coston
Koby Jackson*
Lauren Pannell

William Wilberforce Award

Jan Gerber
Jennifer Ingraham
Micah Long*
Liza Vandenboom