House of Ronald Reagan

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House of Ronald Reagan

"If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth."



The House of Reagan equips and encourages members to be God fearing men of integrity who take calculated risks while persevering in pursuit of a significant life.


Loyalty. Fraternity. Honor.

The House of Ronald Reagan distinguishes itself from other houses by striving to be a true fraternity that is rich in both history and tradition, which members choose to be a part of. This is accomplished by offering new members the option to take the “Reagan Oath” at the beginning of each year. The Reagan Oath is a way of holding each pledge to an even higher standard than the school or world requires of its members. Members are encouraged to join and form small groups known as SYS groups that encourage vulnerability and accountability on a smaller scale within the House to create true loyalty and fraternity. The close relationships formed in these groups has led Reagan to become a tight knit brotherhood which always puts its own members and their interests above the opinion of others. Alumni have proven that these relationships last well beyond the four years spent at school by continuing to meet with SYS groups after graduation as well as staying closely connected with the current members of the House through mentoring relationships, prayer, and charitable giving.

 “You’ll never find another group of men that come together so organically to encourage each other to be better men and do life together – most importantly because they want to.” Trevor Baier, ‘14

“The House of Reagan encourages men to grow to a standard of integrity and honor that is shared among all the brothers in the House. Each House member embodies what it means to be in fraternitas, a brotherhood that never ceases.” Matthew Sifert,  ‘16

The House Crest of Ronald Reagan

The three swords symbolize power, protection, authority, strength, and courage. A sword is a symbol of knighthood and chivalry. RR symbolizes the presidency and leadership of Ronald Reagan. The lion stands for dauntless courage. The wolf signifies perseverance in effort, especially in siege. Blue stands for loyalty and strength. Red stands for military strength and warrior spirit. 

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