Career Tools

Career Tools, in conjunction with the Office of Career Development provides students with a tool set to guide the search for jobs and internships.  
Take a multi-pronged approach and customize use — not all students need every tool, but it’s worth the time to learn what each offers. 

Exploring Your Options
– Begin the research process and discover your individual career values. 

Resume: A resume is a one-page summary of qualifications and experience. View sample resumes and learn more about references and letters of recommendation.

Researching: Explore industries or organizations before applying to jobs or internships. 

Cover Letters:  Explain personal and professional fitness when applying for jobs by directly addressing prospective employers in a cover letter. View sample format and important elements to include.

Networking and Informational Interviews: Learn how to meet professionals and mentors who can help reveal more about specific companies or career paths.   

Interviewing: Interviews are the chance to connect with an employer and flesh out information in a resume and cover letter. Here are some guidelines for your next interview.

Etiquette: Learn professional etiquette from behavior tips to dress expectations in order to leave a great impression at an interview and while on the job.


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