General Competition Rules

Competition teaches the lessons required to influence and shape society. 

“The pursuit of excellence through personal development and teamwork; ethical and responsible behavior; adherence to the spirit of rules as well as to their letter; leadership and strength of character; and sportsmanship - victory with humility, and  defeat with grace. While winning is not an end in itself, we believe that the efforts to be their best will lead [our students toward] success . . .” —House Athletics Rule Book, Harvard University, 2008-2009.


Points are awarded for each event of the competition. The House with the highest number of cumulative points is the overall competition winner. Overall House Competition winners are announced after the final event is over and all points are totaled, which is usually the final night of Interregnum. Top teams receive awards and recognition. Additional prizes are offered for individual events. Student Development reserves the right to clarify or modify rules as needed during the course of the competition.

Major Events

1st Place - 100 points

2nd Place - 90 points

3rd Place - 85 points

4th Place - 80 points

5th Place - 75 points

6th Place - 70 points

7th Place - 65 points

8th Place - 60 points

9th Place - 55 points

10th Place - 50 points

Basketball Tournament

Women’s Bracket

1st Place - 100 points

2nd Place - 85 points

3rd Place - 70 points

4th Place - 65 points

5th Place - 60 points

6th Place - 55 points

Men’s Bracket

1st Place - 100 points

2nd Place - 85 points

3rd Place - 70 points

4th Place - 65 points 

The competitive events throughout the school year encourage the members to work together as a team and as a house.

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