Honor Governs Every Aspect Of Life At King’s

A student of The King’s College will not lie, cheat or steal, or turn a blind eye to those who do. Every student is honor-bound to confront any other student who breaches the Honor Code.”

Honor leads to noble action. The College does not proscribe a lengthy list of behavioral guidelines or prohibitions. Instead, we rely on the timeless principle of honor.

We don’t require perfection. We require courage of spirit. Students are expected to learn from failures and grow into brave and compassionate intellectual and spiritual leaders.


We strive to maintain balanced integrity -- that includes helping fellow students who lapse in commitment to the Honor Code. An important part of the oath swears to confront those who break the Code.

Contemporary cultural norms embrace tolerance, but, at King’s, we follow a Christian standard of love that doesn’t favor our fellow man continuing in dishonor. Humility, honesty and integrity demand we compassionately confront dishonorable words or actions.

“The Honor Code is always there to remind us of proper conduct and is there to keep us accountable to ourselves and to those around us. It gives us the opportunity to set honorable standards for ourselves with the Honor Code as a guide. I've been able to challenge myself to live out true honor.” – TKC Student

“The Honor System is part of what makes King’s a unique college experience. Students LEARN to thrive by living outside of a legalistic model of accountability, while loving one another to the standards of our community.” –Laura H. Scottsdale, AZ

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