Ordering Business Cards

Looking to make your resume stand out in a pile of resumes? Attach a personalized TKC business card! The Career Services Team is offering personalized business cards for King’s students. Professionally designed, these cards will feature the TKC logo and address, as well as your name, graduation year, phone number, and email.

You’ll get 250 personalized business cards with the TKC Logo for only $30.

Directions to Get Business Cards

1. Email Richard Dy, our account manager, at richard.dy@officedepot.com with the address you’d like the cards to ship to. Please let him know you’re with The King’s College. He’ll register you with the system.

2. Go to https://business.officedepot.com.

3. Click on “Login Name” and “Password” under the “Registered Customer” where it states “Please enter your login name and password.”

A. Your username will be your TKC ID number with “TKC” at the end and no space in between the numbers and letters (i.e. 0000TKC).

B. Your Temporary password is welcome.

4. On your initial access you will be asked the following:

A. To enter a new password and to confirm it. It must be at least 6 alphanumerical characters long. Every 90 days the system will ask you to enter a new password.

B. To select a security question, answer, confirm the answer and then click on “Update” button.

C. In the event that you forgot your login name/password, you can click on the “Forgot your login name/password?” which is highlighted in blue and is right underneath the Password box or Email “Richard Dy, our account manager, at richard.dy@officedepot.com to reset your password.

5. After this you will be on your profile’s home screen.

6. Click on “Copy & Print” on the gray tab at the top which is located under the “Our Services”.

7. At the bottom of the page, click the far right box titled “Custom Stationery Online.”

8. Two business card choices will appear for the quantity you’d like: 250 or 500. Pricing is $27.75 plus shipping for 250, and $28.75 plus shipping for 500.

9. Select the card by clicking on “Order This Item”.

10. The “Item Information” and “Imprint Information” page will appear.

A. From the drop down menu, select the number of boxes you would like to order.

B. Enter your name, year of graduation, phone number (including area code in the form 000-000-0000), and primary email. Be careful. What you type in will be exactly what appears on your cards.

11. Then click “Next” button.

12. A few seconds after you select “next,” a preview of your cards will appear. Look over the entire card for mistakes. If there are any, just click “Edit” and reenter the information.

13. Once you are satisfied with the card, print the screen (CTRL+P) then select “next.” The print screen is your physical proof of the design.

14. Review your order and click “add to cart.” If you order 2, 4, 8, or 10 boxes you will get a discount on the shipping price.

15. A dialog box will appear asking “Order More” or “No Thanks”. If you are satisfied with the quantity and wish to continue then click on “No Thanks”.

16. Once again, review your order, and then click “check out.”

17. Review the “User Information” then enter your credit card number and expiration dates in the appropriate boxes. Select your delivery options.

18. Please note that you do not have a default shipping address with Office Depot. To change this, please email our account manager, Richard Dy (Richard.dy@officedepot.com), with the address you’d like the cards to ship to.

19. Click “Place Order” at the bottom of the screen.

20. You will now receive a confirmation email. This is also your receipt. Print it (CTRL+P) for your records.

21. You’re done! Your new business cards will be delivered to your listed address within 7-10 business days.


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