Oxford Study Abroad Program

The King’s College is proud to announce a partnership with Summit Oxford. While studying at Oxford, King’s students receive academic credit during the academic undertaking of a lifetime.

Intensively interactive, any question or issue is welcome for discussion and debate. Students undertake close readings of a variety of texts as central points of discussion. Conversation is plentiful, engaging and authentic. No two groups can ever be alike, but the lessons and impressions students bring home are always marvelous.

If we did have to describe an average day — and the days are definitely more superlative than average — it would start around 8AM with independent reading over breakfast and preparing drafts of essays until a noontime meeting with a tutor. Professorial discussions are intense, involving in-depth challenges of the philosophical perspectives of the student’s work. Mid-afternoon offers a chance to rest the mind and body before more reading, writing and discussion, either one-on-one with tutors or in roundtable groups with peers.

Students usually eat dinner around 6pm and have evenings and weekends free for independent study or exploration of Southern England, including Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor.

The program also includes weekly worldview colloquia and personalized mentoring sessions. This profound opportunity to study abroad with some of the world’s most respected scholars develops skills, character and understanding unlike any other program we offer at King’s. Students return to New York City as entirely new people — ready to act decisively for Church and culture, armed with honed Christian courage and informed by faithful scholarship.

The Summit Oxford course runs concurrently and in tandem with Oxford tutorial studies provided through the Oxford Study Abroad Program. The combination is a substantial 8-week summer program or 15-week Michaelmas autumn and Hilary winter program. In coordination with home institutions, students may receive a maximum of 9 credit hours for the summer term, and 17 credit hours for Michaelmas and Hilary terms. It’s the trip of a lifetime and the lessons students learn have the potential to change the world.

What is Summit Oxford? Summit Oxford is a study abroad program through Summit Ministries and Oxford’s Study Abroad Programme. Students spend a semester studying at Oxford, enveloped in the mood, rhythm and values of the campus — but the ultimate opportunity is participation in Summit’s worldview course, a four-week intensive where all topics are fair game, interspersed with weekly colloquia.

What are the requirements? Summit Oxford requires that students have completed two years of undergraduate study and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2. Students must also sign the Summit Oxford Student Covenant, which includes a Statement of Faith and Conduct.

“Studying with Summit Oxford was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the most rewarding.” -Daniel Kemp, PPE ‘14

What is a semester at Oxford like? Students spend 15 weeks at an Oxford college during either the Michaelmas term of September to December or the Hilary term of January to April). The Summit portion of the semester also includes a four-week worldview intensive, broadly considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the highlight of the trip. Students have one week for personal travel, too.

How much does it cost?

For the 2014-2015, students will pay The King’s College:

$18,900 for Fall (Michaelmas) or Spring (Hilary) terms
$10,495 for Summer term

This fee covers tuition for the Summit Oxford program, housing, membership to University libraries, and cultural excursions that are part of the Summit curriculum. For each student who participates in the Summit Oxford Program through The King’s College, The College will pay Summit Oxford:

$18,400 for Fall (Michaelmas) or Spring (Hilary) terms
$9,995 for the Summer term

King’s institutional aid, including scholarships and grants, does not apply. Federal and state financial aid may apply if students participate in Summit Oxford through The King’s College.

What expenses are not included? Expenses not covered are food, air travel to and from the UK, in-country transportation and any personal expenses. Additional expenses not covered by the above fee include food, air travel to and from England, in-country transportation, and personal expenditures. These costs are expected to be approximately $3,000 for the semester and $2,150 for the summer.

Am I able to transfer my credits? Yes. Depending on the student’s course map and tutorials taken at Oxford students can earn up to 17 credit hours. These credits can apply to certain core classes, major electives and open electives at King’s.

Where will I live? During the semester, students live in a flat near Oxford’s campus with other Summit Oxford participants.

What are the Oxford tutorials? An Oxford tutorial is an intensive study performed under the guidance of a tutor, known as an Oxford don, in a specific discipline. Students select a primary and a secondary tutorial. The primary tutorial takes place once a week. The secondary takes place every other week.

How does this enhance my Kings education? Summit Oxford sculpts scholars of integrity with a commitment to authentic Christian engagement in the academy, the church and the world. Studying at Oxford is the chance to join one of the richest academic legacies in the world. You will Conversations with scholars, authors, and leaders through personalized mentoring and tutelage build upon the King’s academic heritage. The trip will both challenge and foster Christian faith, while Oxford’s serious academic expectations refine the academic prowess of all who attend.

 What are my next steps?

1. Contact International Ventures (intventures@tkc.edu) for more information, and to ensure potential eligibility.

2. Visit Summit Oxford’s website at www.summit.org/institutes/oxford to view the promotional video, access the application, and view more in-depth information on the curriculum and program.

3. The student must complete the King’s Oxford Study Abroad Preapproval Form located on the Student Portal. The form must be submitted to Ina Kumi, Associate VP for Academic Administration, by:

  • October 1 for Hilary term (January-April)
  • February 1 for Summer term
  • April 1 for Michaelmas term (September-December)

Students who are interested in pursuing Summit Oxford must meet with Ina Kumi, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration, prior to applying to Summit Oxford to determine what courses are eligible for transfer back to King’s.

Upon receiving pre-approval, the student must complete the Summit Oxford application (http://www.summitoxford.org/).

“At Oxford, I studied alongside, competed against, socialized with what I considered to be ‘real’ PPE students. But my time at Oxford made me realize that I am a ‘real’ PPE student. My King’s education had prepared me to rub elbows with even the most elite of academics.” –Lauren Christian, PPE ‘12

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