An important part of your job search is the research phase. As you know from your coursework, research can uncover a wealth of information that leads to great solutions—but it takes time and a keen attention to detail.

As you prepare to search for industries and organizations you’d like to contact, take time to do detailed research. You may want to do several informational interviews with friends of your parents in the field or you might want to search online through websites like Vault.

Regardless of how you do your search, you’ll want to uncover a few key things:


  • What types of business comprise your industry? Are they service-oriented or is it part of a distribution line?
  • What skills do you need to be successful in the field? Are there any personal qualities that might set you apart from other entry-level candidates?
  • Is the industry a fast-growing one? Or are job opportunities on the decline?
  • What are the top firms in the industry? Who are the key players?


  • What is the organization and where is it located? What is its vision as a company?
  • Is it in the private sector? Or is it non-profit?
  • What is their offering? Why are they in business?
  • How many people work there? Are all employees located in one area, or do they have multiple locations?
  • Do they offer internships? What about entry level options?
  • Can you get a sense of the company’s culture? Does it seem like it’s a place where you would thrive and be happy?

Get the answers to these questions and you’ll be ready to start networking to achieve important connections and focused outcomes.

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