Spiritual Life

We aim to help students know Jesus as the defining reality of their lives, capture a vision of God that overcomes competing loyalties, and form a life built upon Scripture.

To this end, we engage The King’s Liturgy as the defining experience within our Christian community. It outlines the rhythms we celebrate with the Church at large — selected Scripture readings, Sabbath habits, and celebration of Holy Days and historical events.

We practice key facets of our Spiritual Life together:

Fall Retreat: Students, staff, and faculty gather outside of the City to kick off the academic year with a school-wide retreat that includes teaching, worship and the annual Drama Contest.

Corporate Worship (“Refuge”): Twice per month, students gather to worship and to hear brief messages from various faculty members.

Church Involvement: Find a church that satisfies the individual call of the soul at FaithStreet.

Mentoring: We provide opportunities for students to be mentored. The New Canaan Society connects male students with influential men in the City. Women can connect with a mentor at the College and in the City by contacting Laura Merritt at Mentoring@tkc.edu.

Theological Roundtables: Members of the faculty host periodic theological roundtable discussions on the tension between culture and faith.

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