Student Organizations


Student organizations bring students together to explore, refine and share extracurricular passions and interests.  

Student organizations serve under The King’s Council. The King's Council, comprised of the 10 House Presidents, the Student Body President and his/her cabinet members, exists to shape the campus culture and empower student-driven community.

For information about starting new organizations, contact Annalise Bourgeois, Director of Student Organizations, at council@tkc.edu. For more information regarding specific student organizations, use the contact information listed below.

The Arts and Aesthetics Society

The Arts and Aesthetics Society (AAS) is focused on creating and viewing good art. The AAS encourages students to increase their creative output. Contact Mark Burger at mark.burger@tkc.edu.

City Engagement

City Engagement exists to empower students to apply their education and Christian beliefs through practical outreach and service in New York City. City Engagement is an attitude, a lifestyle, a mission. Contact Davis Campbell at davis.campbell@tkc.edu.

Empire State Tribune

The Empire State Tribune is the official student-run newspaper of The King’s College. Whether covering city events or interviewing a student or faculty member, the Tribune strives to bring interesting stories and features to The King’s College community. Contact Madison Iszler at madison.iszler@tkc.edu.

Financial Services Club

The King's College Financial Services Club teaches students principles of finance and investment through simulations, case studies, member-given lectures and guest speakers. Contact Charles O’Brien at charles.obrien@tkc.edu

International Students Club

The International Students Club (ISC) welcomes students from other countries and promotes cultural awareness in the King’s student body. The ISC helps members work through homesickness, cultural shock, and the challenges that come with living in another country. Contact Costanza Rota at costanza.rota@tkc.edu.

King's Dancers

The King's Dancers is a community of passionate artists who practice and appreciate the art of dance. We pursue creative growth, artistic development, and unity through dance classes and rehearsals at NYC dance studios and performances for the King’s community. Contact Amy Diestler at amy.diestler@tkc.edu.  

The King’s Debate Society

The King’s Debate Society (KDS) exists to train students to effectively advocate truth in the marketplace of ideas. KDS hosts intercollegiate debate competitions at The King’s College and competes in national and international tournaments. Contact Jonah Ortiz at jonah.ortiz@tkc.edu.

King's Image Films

King's Image Films is a Christ-centered community of student filmmakers dedicated to creating films of artistic and narrative excellence that glorify God. Contact Joseph Holmes at joseph.holmes@tkc.edu.

The King’s Players

The King’s Players seek to challenge and delight audiences by supporting and producing new and classic plays and musicals. The King’s Players create a safe haven for students to be innovative and receive training from professionals in all aspects of theater. Contact Shaina Drew at shaina.drew@tkc.edu.

TKC Programming and Computer Science Club

The TKC Programming Club exists to improve digital literacy regarding topics ranging from fundamental web design and HTML to C. Contact Jordan Frankfurt at jordan.frankfurt@tkc.edu

TKC Recyclers

TKC Recyclers seek to encourage the King’s Community to engage in conversations about sustainability and environmental friendliness. Contact Abby Caddick at abigail.caddick@tkc.edu.

TKC Republicans

Through its dedication to the conservative values of the GOP, TKCR seeks to engage students in Republican politics through involvement in local campaigns and events such the Conservative Political Action Conference. Contact Serenity Richardson at collegerepublicans@tkc.edu

Kings of Swing

The Kings of Swing is dedicated to the art of swing dancing, great music, and a good time. We provide free classes for all interested in learning this easy and exhilarating dance. No experience necessary. Contact Nicholas Gulley at nicholas.gulley@tkc.edu.

Mock Trial

The King's College Mock Trial exists to cultivate a love of law, oratory and acting, and train students to advocate for Christ on the world’s biggest stages. Roles range from attorneys to witnesses. All who are interested in oratory rhetoric or acting are welcome. Contact Sizakele Irvin at sizakele.irvin@tkc.edu.


Refuge exists to facilitate campus-wide worship gatherings for the King’s community and to encourage King’s students, staff and faculty to seek Christ. Refuge takes place every other Thursday in the City Room. Contact Mathew Salavitch at mathew.salavitch@tkc.edu.

The Rugby Club

The Rugby Club is a group of students who are committed to making rugby part of The King’s College culture. Contact Peter Murphy at peter.murphy@tkc.edu.

The Troubadour

The Troubadour seeks to stimulate and support the artistic creativity of students, faculty and alumni of The King College by publishing anything that fits on a page, from poetry to photography. Contact Dean Graham at donald.graham@tkc.edu.

Young Americans for Freedom

The Young Americans for Freedom is focused on educating students about the values and ambitions of the Conservative movement. Contact Cynthia Ferraiolo at cynthia.ferraiolo@tkc.edu.

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