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How Epidemics Change History: Live After COVID-19

April 30 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

How Epidemics Change History
A conference series on Thursday, April 9, 16, 23, and 30 from 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM

Epidemics create borders and concentrate power in the hands of national governments. They lead to bureaucracy, massive expansion of government legal authority, large scale financial outlays, and military mobilization. In this series of noonday talks, The King’s College brings together a brain trust of King’s faculty members to explore the ways in which epidemics shape societies, shatter assumptions about world order, leading to social dislocations and mobility, and drive religious innovation. As we examine the plagues of the past, we will discover lessons that could help guide us through the COVID-19 crisis.


Thursday, April 9: The Black Death
Dr. Robert Carle – How the Black Death prepared the way for the Protestant Reformation
Dr. Steele Brand – Liberty and Constitutionalism amidst Epidemics and War
Dr. Henry Bleattler – Out of the Ashes. How the Black Death laid the foundations for the Italian Renaissance
Dr. Ethan Campbell – Moderator and Respondent

Thursday, April 16: Modern Pandemics: Political and Economic Ramifications
Dr. Joseph Loconte – How the 1918 Influenza Crisis Set Loose the Virus of Totalitarianism
Dr. David Tubbs – The Constitution & Crises in Public Health and Safety
Dr. Paul Mueller – Economics and Pandemics: How free developed economies reduce death tolls from disasters and pandemics
Amity Shlaes – Moderator and Respondent

Thursday, April 23: Pandemics and the People of God
Dr. Dru Johnson – Biblical perspectives on pandemics
Dr. Ben White – Christians and the plague of Cyprian
Dr. Mark Hijleh – Epidemics, Music, and the Church: Two Historical Moments
Dr. Dami Kabiawu – Moderator and Respondent

Thursday, April 30: Life After COVID-19
Prof. Brian Brenberg – Economically
Prof. Alissa Wilkinson – Culturally
Dr. Anthony Bradley – Spiritually
President Tim Gibson – Moderator