The King's College



Apr 9th 201412:00 to 11:59

Interregnum is the three-day, all-campus conference that culminates a year’s worth of theme exploration. Interregnum galvanizes students, faculty, and staff towards participating in various events such as student speech competitions, parliamentary style debates, and an evening assembly featuring a notable speaker. The theme for 2013-2014 is Mercy.

Day 1
Time Event Location
8:30AMInterregnum Kick-off and Breakfast 1st Floor Lobby
9:00AMAcademic/Creative Writing submissions due, Great Speech Prompts delivered, Debate Round 1 Motion givenEmail
9:30AM-10:30AMDebate Round 1 (motion given at 9:00AM in 516)
11:30AM-12:30PMDebate Round 2 (Motion given at 11:00AM in 516)
12:30PM-1:30PMInterregnomz (snacks provided by the King’s Council) 516
1:00PM-4:00PM 3-Hour Art Competition
1:30PM-2:30PM Debate Round 3 (motion given at 1:00PM in 516)
3:30PM-4:30PM Debate Round 4: (motion given at 3:00PM in 516)
4:30PM-6:00PM 3-Hour Art Presentation Gallery 516
7:00PM-9:00PM Open Mic Night 516

Day 2
9:30AM-10:50AMPrepared Lectures A 516
11:00AM-12:20PMPrepared Lecture B 516
12:30PM-1:30PMInterregnomz (snacks provided by The King’s Council)516
1:30PM-2:30PM Debate Round 5 (motion given at 1:00PM in 516)
3:00PM-4:20PM Great Speech A516
4:30PM-5:50PM Great Speech B516
6:30:PM-8:00PMRandom Theme Debate

Day 3
9:30AM-10:30AMSemifinal Debate (motion given at 9:00AM in 516)
10:30AM-12:30PMPerforming Art Competition516
12:30PM-1:30PMInterregnomz (snacks provided by The King’s Council) 516
1:30PM-2:30PM Final Debate (motion given at 1:00PM in 516)
7:00PM-9:00PM Evening Session Lecture: Guest Speaker Dr. Eleonore Stump21st and Park (Calvary St. George)