Dr. Anthony B. Bradley

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Dr. Anthony B. Bradley

Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics

  • Tenure at King's: Aug. 2009 to Present

    ABradley@tkc.edu |

  • Ph.D. Historical and Theological Studies

    Westminster Theological Seminary, 2008

  • M.A. Ethics and Society

    Fordham University, 2012

  • M.Div.

    Covenant Theological Seminary, 1998

  • B.S. Biological Sciences

    Clemson University,1993

Dr. Anthony Bradley is associate professor of theology at The King's College in New York City and a research fellow at the Acton Institute. Dr. Bradley lectures at colleges, universities, business organizations, conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. His writings on religious and cultural issues have been published in a variety of journals, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Detroit News, and World magazine. 

Dr. Bradley is called upon by members of the broadcast media for comment on current issues and has appeared on C-SPAN, NPR, CNN/Headline News, Fox News, and Court TV Radio, among others. He studies and writes on issues of race, the intersections of theology and trauma studies, political economy, ecology, sustainable architecture and design, Abraham Kuyper, education policy, welfare policy, marriage and family, sociology of sport, African American studies, hip hop, youth culture, and Reformed Theology.

His books include: Liberating Black Theology (2010), Black and Tired (2011), The Political Economy of Liberation (2012), Keep Your Head Up (2012), Aliens In The Promised Land (2013), and Black Scholars In White Space (forthcoming).

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