Dr. Dru Johnson

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Dr. Dru Johnson

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

  • Tenure at King's: Sep. 2011 to Present

    ajohnson@tkc.edu | 212-584-1802

  • Ph.D. Theology

    University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

  • M.A. Philosophy

    University of Missouri—St. Louis

  • M.Div. Theology

    Covenant Theological Seminary

  • B.A. Psychology

    University of Missouri—St. Louis

Dr. Johnson studied psychology as an undergraduate before going to Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, MO). Prior to his Ph.D., he both studied and taught analytic philosophy at the University of Missouri—St. Louis. Dr. Johnson occasionally teaches as a visiting professor at Covenant Theological Seminary. He took research leave in Spring of 2013 to be the Templeton Senior Research Fellow in Analytic Theology at The Herzl Institute (Jerusalem, Israel). He currently serves as the co-chair for the Hebrew Bible and Philosophy program unit in the Society of Biblical Literature.

Starting at 17 years old, he served two years active duty and five years in the reserves of the U.S. Air Force—extensively involved in counter-narcotics operations in the Amazon basin of Colombia from 1993–98. Working in I.T. from college through seminary, he then served for eight years as an associate pastor at GracePoint of Webster in St. Louis, Missouri and two years with Holy Trinity in St Andrews (Church of Scotland). He teaches regularly in Western Kenya in a school for rural pastors and is currently ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He and his wife have four children.

His books include the following:

  • Biblical Knowing: A Scriptural Epistemology of Error (2013)
  • Knowing and Scripture: A Companion to Biblical Knowing (2015)
  • Genesis 1–11. Transformative Word Commentary Series (2015)
  • Epistemology and Biblical Theology: From the Pentateuch to the Gospel of Mark (2017)

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