Dr. Harold Kildow

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Dr. Harold Kildow

Adjunct Professor of Politics for King's Online

  • Tenure at King's: Aug. 2012 to Present

    hkildow@tkc.edu | 732-207-6615

  • Ph.D. Political Philosophy

    Fordham University

  • M.A. Political Philosophy

    Fordham University

  • B.A.

    Thomas More College

"King's is a natural gathering point for a fairly specific and self-selected group: teachers and students who are minded to actively engage with present day, postmodern American culture at its most important points of articulation."

Dr. Harold Kildow teaches political philosophy and political history in King's online program.  Prior to joining the distance learning program at King's, Harold taught at Westchester Community College and Fordham University.  He lectures in on-campus politics courses at Kings, when he is not engaged with the remodeling business he operates in New Jersey. Harold has for many years had a foot in two worlds--homo faber, or man the maker; and homo intellectus, the man who would understand. 

 The life of mind and the life of creative making has yielded a unique life experience consisting of an excellent liberal education paired with building and repairing interior spaces. Making things level and square and true seems a fitting complement to the philosophic search for truth. 

Harold holds a B.A. from Thomas More College and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Philosophy at Fordham University.

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