Dr. Jared A. Pincin

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Dr. Jared A. Pincin

Assistant Professor of Economics

  • Tenure at King's: Aug. 2011 to Present

    JPincin@tkc.edu | 212-659-3603

  • Ph.D. Economics

    West Virginia University, 2011

  • M.S. Economics

    Auburn University, 2007

  • B.A. Economics and Political Science

    American University, 2004

Dr. Pincin earned a Ph.D. in economics at West Virginia University after earning his M.S. in Economics at Auburn University and his B.A. in Economics and Political Science at American University. His primary research interests explore the intersection of public choice economics with development issues as well as the effects of development aid, particularly the effects of tied aid. He has published in popular publications such as The Baltimore Sun, The Newark-Star Ledger, Foxnews.com, and USA Today as well as Oxford Development Studies, a scholarly peer-reviewed journal. He also writes in-depth book reviews for e-International Relations. 

Besides teaching economics, Dr. Pincin has also taught business ethics and corporate governance at Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany. Currently, he resides in New Jersey with his wife Jennifer, a marine fisheries biologist who has published multiple scholarly articles in her field, and their daughter Caitlin, who provides hours of entertainment and smiles.

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