Dr. Noel Rabinowitz

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Dr. Noel Rabinowitz

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

  • Tenure at King's: Aug. 2007 to Present

    nrabinowitz@tkc.edu | 212-659-0734

  • Ph.D. New Testament Studies

    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Th.M. Theology with a concentration in OT

    Dallas Theological Seminary

  • B.A. Jewish and Modern Israel Studies

    Moody Bible Institute

Noel Rabinowitz earned a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He has made it his mission to communicate the Jewish background of the biblical text.

Rabinowitz’s academic focus is the Gospel of Matthew and his research interests include Matthew's theology of Israel and his understanding of the Law. His academic interests also include the modern State of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  A passionate Zionist, Rabinowitz seeks to explore the conflict from a biblical perspective and address the complex political, economic and social questions that surround the debate.

Professor Rabinowitz was born in Columbus, Georgia, but insists that he is in all respects a New Yorker and Yankee fan. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1978-1985. In addition to a tour of duty aboard the USS Belleau Woods, he was stationed at Iwakuni, Japan, Camp Pendleton, California, and Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. He proudly resides in the Borough of Brooklyn.

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