Dr. Robert Carle

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Dr. Robert Carle

Professor of Religious and Theological Studies; Director of Foundation Relations

  • Tenure at King's: Sep. 1999 to present

    BCarle@tkc.edu | 212-659-7206

  • Ph.D. Theology

    Emory University, 1989

  • M.A. Journalism

    Syracuse University, 1981

  • B.A. Asian Studies

    Syracuse University, 1980

Dr. Robert Carle is a professor of theology at The King's College. His research interests include human rights theory, world religions, urban ministries in New York City, and the threats to free speech and due process on American college campuses. He is an author and editor of the urban ministry text Signs of Hope in the City. His articles on Islam and on the rise of salafism in Europe have been published in Society, Human Rights Review, Touchstone, and in Islamic Political and Social Movements (Barry Rubin, ed.).

He has written about issues in American higher education for The Public Discourse, Academic Questions, and Reason.

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