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Dr. Stamenka Antonova


Stamenka Antonova
  • Tenure at King's: Jan. 2013 to Present

  • Ph.D.

    Columbia University

  • M.Phil.

    Columbia University

  • M.A.

    Columbia University

  • B.A.

    Smith College

Dr. Stamenka Antonova completed her PhD in Early Christian Studies in the Religion Department at Columbia University in 2005.  She teaches Western Civilization I and II at the King’s College and she has also taught interdisciplinary courses in the core curriculum program at Columbia University.  Previously, she has also offered courses at New York University, Union Theological Seminary and Seton Hall University.  She is the editor of a new volume entitled Women in the Eastern Christian Tradition: Past Roles and Future Paradigms (Theotokos Press, 2013).  Currently, Dr. Antonova is in the process of completing her book manuscript entitled Barbarian or Greek?: The Charge of Barbarism and Early Christian Apologetics, which will appear in the book series on the History of Christian Traditions from Brill Academic Press.

Dr. Antonova is the author of a number of articles on the history of early Christianity, including “Council of Chalcedon” in The Blackwell-Wiley Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, ed. J. A. McGuckin (2011);  “Barbarians and the Empire-wide Spread of Christianity” in The Spread of Christianity in the First Four Centuries, ed. W. V. Harris (2005);  “Bulgarian Orthodox Church” in The Blackwell-Wiley Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, ed. J. A. McGuckin (2011);  “The Many Faces of Truth: Origenian Platonism or Platonic Origenism?” in Origeniana Octava, ed. L. Perrone (2004).  Most recently, Dr. Antonova has published the following articles:  “Christ-Jesus as the Terminal Paradox in the Poetry of Romanos the Melodist” in Beauty in Patristic and Byzantine Theology, ed. J. McGuckin (2012);  “Literacy, Orality, and Brokerage of Power and Authority in the Egyptian Desert Tradition” in Power and Authority in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition, eds. McGuckin and Soumakis (2011);  “Chosen to Lead and to Follow: Women and Early Christianity” in Women in the Eastern Christian Tradition, ed. S. Antonova (2013).