Dr. Wayne Frair

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Dr. Wayne Frair

Professor Emeritus of Biology

  • Tenure at King's:


  • Ph.D. Serology

    Rutgers University

  • B.S. Zoology

    Wheaton College

  • A.B. Zoology

    Houghton College

Wayne Frair is Professor Emeritus of Biology at The King’s College. Prior to working with King’s, Frair earned a A.B. in Zoology at Houghton College, a B.S. in Zoology at Wheaton College, an M.A. in Embryology at the University of Massachusetts, and finally, a Ph.D. in Serology from Rutgers University. Dr. Frair served as President of the Creation Research Society from 1986-1993 and then served on the Board of Directors for the following four years.

His research has led him to develop the study of baraminology (the study of created kinds), which has been a notable contribution to creation science. In 1981, Dr. Frair testified in the trial of McLean vs. Arkansas. In addition, Dr. Frair co-authored the book “A Case for Creation” with Percival Davis and has written extensively on the subject of creation taxonomy for over 25 years.

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