Graham Dennis

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Graham Dennis

Lecturer in Philosophy for King's Online

  • Tenure at King's: 2010 to Present

    gdennis@tkc.edu | 717-394-4904

  • M.A. Philosophy

    Boston College

  • B.A. Philosophy

    University of South Carolina

"King's does a wonderful job fulfilling the great Augustinian desire to unify belief and understanding, as expressed in the two great maxims of the church: credo ut intelligam; fides quaerens intellectum."

Professor Graham Dennis teaches logic classes for the online program at The Kings College. Graham is also presently Dean of Students at Veritas Academy (an ACCS classical Christian school) in Leola, PA. Professor Dennis has published several essays in the Veritas Press Omnibus curriculum (Omnibus IV, V, VI), including essays on Plato's Republic, Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, and Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan. Graham Dennis resides in Lancaster, PA with his wife Stephanie and their five children.

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