Faculty & Staff

Ian Wilson

Admissions Counselor

Ian Wilson
  • Tenure at King's: August 2016 to present


Hailing from the northern tundra of Alaska, Ian Wilson is currently in his junior year at King’s. During his freshmen year at a college in Oregon, Ian felt an irresistible thirst for knowledge and challenge. In the spring of 2015, Ian decided to transfer to King’s for his sophomore year and was placed in the House of President Ronald Reagan. While he misses the mountains of his home state, he dutifully climbs the mountains of papers his professors assign him.

Ian enjoys spending time outside climbing, kayaking, or running. He also enjoys reading, watching old movies, coffee, and getting to know people through deep conversations. His favorite area of New York is the West Village because it always seems infinitely large, despite being one of the smaller boroughs of NYC. This is Ian’s second year on the admissions team, and he currently serves as the Chamberlain for the House of Reagan.