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Fall Retreat 2017

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Back to Basics.

Every September, King’s students, staff, and faculty travel upstate to Iroquois Springs  to escape the city and spend a long weekend together in worship, laughter, competition, teaching, and community. The weekend, known by generations of King’s students as the Moose Retreat, pulls us closer to our Housemates, lays the foundation for friendships, and reminds us of the bonds we share as Kingsians and as brothers and sisters in Christ. This year, we are going back to basics and reminding ourselves of the common center we share in the Gospel. In God’s people, the Gospel creates humility, the Gospel creates unity, and the Gospel creates love. It is our prayer that this weekend would unify our community and make us more like Christ.

Invitation from the President

Dr. Gregory Thornbury, President; Professor of Philosophy 

“As I enter my fifth year as President of The King’s College, I can honestly say that there are very few events absolutely every student ought to attend. At the top of that list is Fall Retreat. Yes, we are city dwellers, Gothamites, and we love every minute of it. But once a year, at the beginning of the year, we need to repair to the mountains and be together, all together, in solidarity–faculty, students, staff, and administration. Make Fall Retreat a priority in your planning. It’s irreducibly Kingsian.”

–  Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury; President, The King’s College


Join us September 7th-9th at Iroquois Springs.



What to Expect

Fall Retreat means…

  1. House Drama Competition. Get ready for showtime.
  2. Speeches and breakout sessions. Learn from staff and faculty members about what the Gospel has to teach us.
  3. Activities galore. Hike, swim, take a nap, challenge your favorite professor to pick-up, win the annual school-wide dodgeball game; it’s like summer camp, but way better.
  4. Dancing. So much dancing.
  5. Unlimited food. Pack an appetite – we’ve got bacon, coffee, popsicles, and all the s’mores you can possibly dream of.
  6. Worship with Refuge. Enough said.

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