International students are eligible for institutional aid through The King’s College in the same manner as domestic students. Below is a list of scholarships and their requirements:

Merit Based Aid

  • The Presidential Scholarship: submit ACT or SAT scores. Please note, international students must take the SAT or ACT in order to be considered for this merit based scholarship. Submit the “International Student Financial Aid Application” and all supporting documents. The college does not provide full-tuition need based scholarships.

Test Center Searches:

The Leadership Scholarship: 500 word essay and entrance interview. Students must deposit within a month of the scholarship offer to receive the award.
Deadline November 1st.

Founders Scholarship Competition: 1200-1500 word essay, group project, and presentation of paper. Students must be physically present at one of the Inviso Visit Weekends to participate in the scholarship competition. This is our only full-tuition scholarship.

Looking for outside scholarships? Below are helpful links to search engines designed to help international students find aid: