The King’s Debate Society Scholarship

The King’s Debate Society exists to train students to effectively advocate truth in the marketplace of ideas.

This year, we will be awarding six students a Debate Society scholarship. Accepted students will earn $2,000 per academic year for every year that they participate as a member of the Debate Society. The deadline for application submission is March 1st. We will announce the winners by March 14th.

To be considered for the debate scholarship, follow these three steps:

  • Submit a resume.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation.
  • Set up an interview.

You can submit your resume and letter of recommendation to Josiah Peterson at Please include “Debate Society Scholarship Application” in the subject line.


We’d like to get to know you—in person, through Skype, or over the phone. You’ll interview with the President or Coach of The King’s Debate Society. The Debate Society is motivated by much more than success at tournaments. It’s a team, a community, that works together to seek truth and stay informed about current issues and events.  Your interview will give us the opportunity to see how you would complement the group.


The Debate Society is committed to participating in the British Parliamentary style of debate.  This does not mean you have to have experience with British Parli to apply—we know not everyone is able to compete in debate as a high school student.  That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be an excellent addition to the Debate Society. Please list your qualifications and experience that are unique to you—debate, speech, Toastmasters, theatre, leadership opportunities, research experience, or anything else that seems relevant. Show us your qualifications as well as your professionalism.

Letter of Recommendation

The King’s College asks all of its students to exemplify honor, and members of the Debate Society value honor and good character. Your letter of recommendation should be from someone that can attest to your character as well as your relevant experience.

To maintain the debate scholarship while at King’s:

  • The scholarship winner must become an official member of the Debate Society. You’ll be asked to exemplify the mission statement and uphold the responsibilities of membership.
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA.
  • Participate in two tournaments per semester (either debating or judging).
  • At the beginning of every semester, submit a document stating goals for the following semester. At the end of each semester, submit a self-evaluation.


All members of the Debate Society are asked to do the following:

  • Attend an average of at least one of two practices a week.
  • Participate in at least one debate-sponsored event each semester.
  • Create and maintain a research brief on a particular debate-related subject.

3.0 GPA

The King’s College maintains rigorous academic standards, and as a member of the Debate Society, your education comes first. What you are learning inside of the classroom complements what you are learning in the exercise of debate.  In order to maintain the debate scholarship, you must give your schoolwork its due importance.

Tournament Participation

While members must participate in only one tournament per semester, scholarship recipients must debate or judge at two tournaments per semester. The Debate Society attends several local tournaments each year and a select number of students may travel to other tournaments throughout the course of the year.

Goals and Self-Evaluation

At the beginning of each semester, the debate coach will discuss potential goals with you and ask you to submit a one-page summary of your goals, including why you’ve set those goals. At the end of the semester, you will submit a self-evaluation that expresses how well you achieved those goals and what kinds of accomplishment or growth you have seen in yourself.