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House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Mission & Values

Men of Bonhoeffer strive to persevere in righteousness, grow in integrity, live and die with conviction and serve with courage, steadfastly upholding a Christ-like community dedicated to these ideals.

The House of Bonhoeffer is about excellence and community. Throughout the past ten years, men of Bonhoeffer have risen to prominence as men of achievement; founding clubs, leading the school, and serving throughout New York. But the individuals of Bonhoeffer are not merely known for their achievements. The men of Bonhoeffer remain outstanding individuals, marked by their pursuance of life together.

The House of Bonhoeffer is a community where individuals of integrity can pursue life together; a community which strives to emulate the devotion to God seen in Dietrich Bonhoeffer; a community comprised of excellent writers, entrepreneurs, future statesmen, journalists, philosophers, filmmakers, policy analysts, philanthropists, and more.

“This community of men who seek God and lives of integrity means a lot to me, and I’m proud to call myself a man of Bonhoeffer.” John Sailer, ‘15

“I love the House on Bonhoeffer, because of the men who gave me greater perspective. Coming to NYC, I had very few answers for my future and was in need of wisdom of those who went before me. In my house, the upperclassmen took the time to show me how to succeed in school, gave me opportunities in work, and mentored me on how to be a more confident leader. For this, I love the House of Bonhoeffer.” James Bentson, ‘16.

“The House of Bonhoeffer isn’t simply a group of college guys who have to deal with each other; we’re a tightly-knit group of men who strive to help each other out in all realms of life. Personally, I’ve learned to love myself for who I am because of the support that my Bonhoeffer brothers have given me. Just imagining going through my college experience without the support and love of these men depresses and scares me.” Fermin Villalpando, ‘17


The House Crest of Dietrich Bonhoeffer


The Eagle: The eagle is recognized as the king of birds and thus is a natural choice to represent the strength, courage, and power of the men of Bonhoeffer. The eagle used on the crest is also the eagle that was commonly used in German heraldry thus tying us to our roots of Dietrich Bonhoeffer the German theologian.


The Shield: The shield is meant to represent the House of Bonhoeffer’s constant readiness for battle.


The Crosses: On the shield are found the three crosses. These crosses have several meanings. Firstly, the Crosses represent that the focus of the house is in Christ in every situation, including the battles represented by the shield. Secondly, the shape of the crosses is referred to as the cross of suffering. This is meant to represent both the way that Christ suffered for us, and the way that we are to suffer for the cause of Christ, and for each other. Thirdly, the Crosses are meant to relate to the three crosses of the King’s College. The House of Bonhoeffer is part of the College, yet distinct in their own way.


The Colors: The three colors aside from their individual symbolism are meant to tie the crest to the houses German roots. Red, yellow, and black are the three colors associated with the German flag.

Red is the color of strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. The men of Bonhoeffer seek to exemplify a life that incorporates all of these aspects

Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and intellect. The house of Bonhoeffer recognizes that we are called to a life of joy, as well as the need to develop our intellect.

Black is meant to represent and highlight power, elegance, and formality associated with the House of Bonhoeffer.