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House of Clara Barton

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We the House of Clara Barton are committed to preparing women to lead with honesty, strength, humility, and courage.



Sisterhood, Transparency, Excellence, and Servanthood.

The House of Clara Barton seeks to allow God to mold and form strong, honorable women through a community of sisterhood. Our mission statement is: “We the House of Clara Barton are committed to preparing women to lead with honesty, strength, humility, and courage.” Our values are sisterhood, transparency, excellence, and servanthood. We strive to live our lives emulating these values as well as loving others as God has called us to do.

We were the first female house to win both the Interregnum Cup and the House Cup in the same year, and continue to strive for excellence in every competition we participate in, even if that means we don’t place in the top three. We are women who value encouragement (both as a community and individually), which is shown through candle lit traditions, end of the year celebrations, and academic banquets. We know how to stick together in times of stressful finals and interregnum, yet we know how to celebrate at the end of it all. We have big laughs, big appetites, and even bigger hearts, and we continue on these traditions long after our four years at King’s are over.


“The House of Barton has been an essential part of my community at King’s. When you first get to New York and a new school that doesn’t really have a campus, it’s easy to feel alone. But King’s directly places each person into a House that cares for you, supports you, and ,quite honestly, gives you some of the best friends you could ever ask for. Seeing a fellow Barton in the halls at school gives me a burst of joy and reminds me of how much I am blessed through the community at King’s. I wouldn’t trade my house experience for anything.” Sophie Simunek, 2014

“The House has provided such a unique community where you get to invest in and care about a group of- at first- random girls who you grow to love and care about. You get to encourage and share in both their successes and failures, in the academic realm as well as in the real life sense. Not only does it give you a tight knit community to believe in, but it provides a strong community that believes in you.” Lizzie Dunn, 2014

“Barton is a family. They always have your back and are there to support you when you’re weak. These girls will encourage you, but aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re in the wrong. God works through the people in this house to change you for his will.” Gaby Gonzalez, 2016


The House Crest of Clara Barton


King’s Triple Cross

The three crosses at the top of the shield represent our tie to The King’s College and our place within the college. We operate proudly underneath TKC, and as the women of Barton go out into the world, we carry the name of The King’s College on our hearts as well.


Catharine’s Wheel

The Catharine’s Wheel at the center of the crest is an emblem of one who is prepared to undergo great trials for the Christian faith. Its placement on the crest represents the core part of the House of Clara Barton’s mission statement which is “to prepare. . .” As Christians in an increasingly evil world, godliness will be persecuted. Recognizing that Christians live our lives contrary to the world, the House of Barton places preparation to go out into the world as a guiding principle for our community.


Red Cross

The red cross is set as the center mark of our crest, representing who we place our identity in as Christians. It is Christ, at the forefront on our shield, who enables us and gives us strength to serve in the hard places. The red cross also represents our namesake, Clara Barton, who founded the American Red Cross.



Written around the perimeter of the banner are four Latin words-Unitas, Civitas, Pietas, and Honestas. These four words represent the values and mission statement of the House. Unitas translates as “the state of being one” which corresponds to our values of Sisterhood. Civitas, meaning “part of the city-state,” represents the value of Excellence, which we strive to uphold and embody in all we do. Honestas means “honesty/integrity,” which is an intrinsic aspect of Transparency. These words are placed around the shield to represent the guard and hedge that they form around our community, protecting our hearts as individuals and our fellowship with each other.