The King's College

House of Clara Barton


We, the House of Clara Barton, are committed to preparing women to lead with honesty, strength, humility, and courage.

“This conflict is one thing I’ve been waiting for. I’m well and strong and young – young enough to go to the front. If I can’t be a soldier, I’ll help soldiers.” ― Clara Barton


Sisterhood: The House of Clara Barton cultivates strong, honorable women through a community of genuine sisterhood.

Transparency: Within our community of trust and accountability, we encourage intentional and meaningful conversations.

Excellence: We pursue excellence by utilizing our individual talents to the best of our ability in everything we do.

Servanthood: We serve the women in our House, the King’s community, and our City in ways big and small, as our namesake Clara Barton did before us.

The House Crest

King’s Triple Cross: The three crosses at the top of the crest mirror those on the College’s crest, representing our tie to King’s. Their position at the top demonstrates our dedication to placing God as first priority in our lives.

Red Cross: The red cross is the center mark of our crest, representing how, as Christians, we find our identity in Christ. At the forefront of our shield, Jesus enables and strengthens us to serve in the hardest of places. The red cross also represents our namesake, Clara Barton, who founded the American Red Cross.

Catherine’s Wheel: The Catherine’s Wheel at the center of the cross is an emblem of one who is prepared to undergo great trials for the Christian faith. Its placement represents the core of the House of Clara Barton’s mission statement: “to prepare. . .” We recognize that as Christians we live our lives contrary to the world. As women called to influence the world towards Jesus Christ, preparation to answer that call is a guiding principle for our community.

Values: Written around the perimeter of the banner are four Latin words: Unitas, Civitas, Pietas, and Honestas. These four words represent the foundational values of the House. Unitas translates as “the state of being one,” corresponding to our value of Sisterhood. Civitas, meaning “part of the city-state,” represents the value of Excellence, that we strive to uphold and embody in all that we do. Pietas, defined as “duty” and “loyalty,” refers to our responsibility to demonstrate our value of Servanthood to those around us. Finally, Honestas means “honesty” and “integrity,” which are intrinsic aspects of transparency. These words are placed around the shield to represent the guarding hedge that they form around our community, protecting our hearts as individuals and our fellowship with each other.


Red lipstick & black dresses: This signature Barton look celebrates our House colors, as we sport it for nearly every school-wide function.

“Barchill”: For nearly a decade, the House of Sir Winston Churchill has had the honor of being our brother House.

Bigs and Littles: The House of Barton has a “big and little sisters” system. These pairings are bonds that shape our time at King’s and beyond.

Barton Day Away: Each fall, the women of Barton take a road trip upstate to enjoy the changing of the seasons and escape the fast pace of the City for a day.

Barton Sadies: Every year, our House hosts a Sadie Hawkins Dance where our girls ask guys from any House for a night of dancing and, of course, good food.

Barton Family Christmas: In December, Bartons come together and celebrate the semester with a Christmas event. During this time, we highlight our value of Sisterhood as we share memories and words of thankfulness with each other.

Bake sales: Barton is known for our baking expertise! The whole school looks forward to our bi-annual bake sale full of specialty treats.

Blood Drives:  Once per semester, we host a Red Cross Blood Drive on campus to directly support the cause Clara Barton dedicated her life to.

Spring Retreat: During second semester, we take one weekend to gather the House under one roof to bond and celebrate our sisterhood.

CIA: “Celebration, Inauguration, and Appreciation” is an event held at the end of each school year in which we reflect on the year we had and anticipate what is to come.