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House of Corrie ten Boom

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We, the house of Corrie ten Boom, are sisters sharing in adventure, pursuing truth, and thriving together.



Peace. Joy. Valor.

In 2010, The King’s College introduced the tenth and newest addition to the house system, the House of Corrie ten Boom. Corrie ten Boom’s life was full of tremendous difficulties, but she faced her trials with courage, faith in God, and love. As women in the House of Ten Boom, we strive to live with the same attributes.  Our mission statement states that we are sisters, sharing in adventure. One of our favorite traditions is our annual house retreat. To get out of the city with each other, explore nature, eat meals together, and enjoy each other’s company is an adventure we look forward to every year. The mission statement also includes pursuing truth. Every other week we gather for what we call Ten Boom Tuesdays, where we discuss both serious and lighthearted topics and pursue what we as Christian women can think and do. The final part of our statement says that we thrive together. This points to our commitment to each other during our daily life at King’s. Whether we are in classes, at home, or grabbing coffee together, we thrive together by cultivating a friendship with our fellow sisters. The women of ten Boom are passionate, loving, and sincere.


“I was weary about the House system upon entering King’s my freshman year but it has proven to be the best/largest support group I’ve ever had. Most of my closest friends are from Ten Boom. We are silly, forever hungry, approachable, and genuinely caring and protective of one another.” – Hope Kuehne ’16

“The house of ten Boom is like having family at King’s. we laugh, we cry, and watch each other grow in amazing ways! I am thankful for the deep relationships I have been able to build with the girls in Ten Boom, and have been greatly encouraged and motivated by their testimony.” – Charity Lewis ’16

“ten Boom means to me walking on campus, and never feeling alone.” – Beth Weil ’16


The House Crest of Corrie ten Boom




The tulip is the national flower of Holland—Corrie ten Boom’s native country. Its symbolism goes beyond namesake heritage, however. A tulip also represents perfect love. The House of ten Boom is tied together by this beautiful ideal, which is found only in Christ. The tulip is a beautiful representation of ten Boom’s culture and the Christian virtue of love.


The fleur-de-lys, patterning the background of our crest, is symbolic of the Trinity, and emphasizes the faith and spirituality of the women of ten Boom. It also represents purity and feminine virtue.


The King’s lion signifies our being active members of the wider King’s community in addition to the sisterhood of our house. More so, it represents a desire to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. As a symbol of courage, the lion is also a symbol of our admiration for boldness—a quality seen ubiquitously throughout the life of Corrie ten Boom.


The colors of navy blue, yellow, and green adorn our crest. Not only do the colors complement each other aesthetically, they do so symbolically as well, collectively representing the spirit for which women of ten Boom strive.
Navy blue is a symbol of strength, peace, and steadfastness. It can also be a color of sadness, though. Ultimately, the blue represents a strong spirit—one of resilience and peace through adversity.
Yellow carries the vibrant connotations of joy and happiness. It is also representative of hope, enlightenment, and energy. Yellow both contrasts and compliments the blue in appearance and meaning.
Green, as the color of new life and growth, is symbolic of the desire to constantly grow, learn, and become new in Christ. It also represents restfulness, emphasizing the importance of blue’s peacefulness.