The King's College

House of C.S. Lewis

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Called to excellence and contending for truth, the House of Lewis is a community of brothers in common pursuit of Christ’s lordship in all things.



Discipleship. Fellowship. Wisdom. Service.

The House of Clive Staples Lewis is a community of brothers at The King’s College in common pursuit of Christ’s Lordship in all things. Its history is defined by key individuals who shaped the house spiritually and intellectually, displaying both excellent leadership and effective communication. In all pursuits, men of Lewis seek to embody their house virtues. Inspired by their namesake and striving for lives marked by wisdom, discipleship, fellowship, and service, gentlemen of Lewis believe that those men who do the most for this world are those who think most of the next. When faced with tough decisions within New York City, men of Lewis look to Christ for wisdom and perseverance. Like their namesake, men in the house enjoy laughter late into the night, and close personal conversations.


The House Crest of C.S. Lewis


Shield: The structure of the crest is in the shape of a continental shield, representing the continental divide between Europe and America. Europe is the home continent for England, the land of our namesake’s birth, life and death. North America is the home continent for New York City, the location of our house and the place where we, as a band of brothers, foster a tradition of excellence and pursuit of truth, shaping Lewis Men to lead with honor.


Colors: The colors of our shield are representative of the characteristics within our house and speak to the values for which we stand.


Black: the color of consistency; Red: the color of truth; White: the color of authenticity


Cross: The cross represents God, as the supreme head of the house, the most important aspect we wish to symbolize.


Lion: The lion faces God, as all Lewis Men should do. It represents The King’s College, where we all attend school and which the overseer of our house. It represents Aslan, the Jesus character from Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. It all sits on a white back drop signifying the Holy Spirit (thus to complete the representation of the Trinity with the Cross (God), the Lion (Jesus), and White (Holy Spirit). Aslan is the most famous character from any of Lewis’ fiction and it represents his literary accomplishments. The white back drop with the lion is also a color/image combination to symbolize honor. Within the mission statement of the House we are men “leading with honor”.


Banner: The red banner symbolizes the belt of truth, wrapped around our shield. The banner (truth) comes from God (extends from the cross), as does all truth. As our mission statement says, we are engaged in a “pursuit of truth” and we keep that at the center of our lives.


Field: The ermine field signifies dignity and academic excellence.

The field is taken from the crest of Magdalen College of Oxford, Lewis’ school. This honors Lewis’ academic achievement, while also relating to the mission of the House which seeks to “foster a tradition of excellence”.


Motto: The house motto is “Leading with Honor” and it is written in Latin as “Ducere Cum Decore.”


We seek to be leaders in our community and in the world, but we want to be leaders that have integrity, are authentic and men of honor.