The King's College

House of C.S. Lewis



Called to excellence and contending for truth, the House of Lewis is a community of brothers in common pursuit of Christ’s lordship in all things.

“Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself…” ― C.S. Lewis


Fellowship: We commit to an active life of brotherhood with one another as we recognize that one becomes Christ-like only in community.

Discipleship: We commit to both learning from and teaching fellow House members and others in our community as they strive to be more like Christ.

Wisdom: We recognize that the heart of character is the love of truth and the fear of God.

Service: We devote ourselves to our housemates, schoolmates, and to the community of New York.

The House Crest

Shield: The structure of the crest is in the shape of a continental shield, representing the continental divide between Europe and America. Europe is the home continent for England, the land of our namesake’s birth, life and death. North America is the home continent for New York City, the location of our House and the place where we, as a band of brothers, foster a tradition of excellence and pursuit of truth, shaping Lewis Men to lead with honor.

Colors: The colors of our shield are representative of the characteristics within our House and speak to the values for which we stand. Black: the color of consistency; Red: the color of truth; White: the color of authenticity.

Cross: The cross represents God, as the supreme head of the House, and is the most important aspect we wish to symbolize.

Lion: The lion faces God, as all Lewis Men should do. It represents The King’s College, where we all attend school. It also represents Aslan, the Jesus character from Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

Banner: The red banner symbolizes the belt of truth, wrapped around our shield. The banner (truth) comes from God (extends from the cross), as does all truth. As our mission statement says, we are engaged in a “pursuit of truth” and we keep that at the center of our lives.

Field: The ermine field signifies dignity and academic excellence. The field is taken from the crest of Magdalen College of Oxford, Lewis’s school. This honors Lewis’s academic achievement, while also relating to the mission of the House which seeks to “foster a tradition of excellence.”

Motto: The House motto is “Leading with Honor” and it is written in Latin as “Ducere Cum Decore.”


Lewis Wednesdays: These gatherings, occurring every other week, are intended to foster community and fellowship through a variety of ways that may include discussions of relevant topics led by faculty or staff.

Fellowship Groups: A weekly small group discussion centered on the writings of C.S. Lewis. Established by Helmsman Tyler Cochran and Chamberlain Kyle Kendrick, it is a time for ideological conversation, vulnerability, and connection with other House members.

The Lewis Walk Home List: A phone directory of Lewis men who have offered to serve the ladies of the College by walking them safely home. The list is distributed at the beginning of each fall. Chamberlain Eddie Van Zandt revived this tradition in 2017.

The Red and Green Affair: A school-wide dance with the House of Margaret Thatcher started in 2004 by Ryan Chambers and Anthony Randazzo.

Wisdom Nights: Revived in 2015 by President Spencer Kashmanian and Scholar Fisher Derderian, Wisdom Nights invite faculty members to facilitate discussions about finance, relationships, and other manly endeavors.

Lewis Ties: Ties (designed by Dustin Pope in 2006) are worn every Thursday during the academic year.

JACK Awards: Begun in 2005 and expanded in 2016 by Scholar Geoffrey Doering and Chamberlain Stuart Clay, the JACK Awards celebrate House members who embody House values and have achieved academic success.

Bigs & Littles: A discipleship program launched in 2016 under the leadership of President Stuart Clay.

The Doxology: Started in 2013 by Scholar Dan Kemp, the doxology is sung at all House gatherings.