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House of Margaret Thatcher

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The House of Margaret Thatcher exists to be a faith-deepening, gift-illuminating sisterhood founded in courageous love.



Iron love. Harmony. Deep Well.

The House of Margaret Thatcher exists  to be a faith deepening, gift illuminating sisterhood founded in courageous love. We value Iron Love, Harmony, and Deep Well.


Iron Love: Margaret Thatcher was called the “Iron Lady” for her fierce devotion to what she believed. We want our love to be the same. We aim to love with conviction, to love when it’s hard, to be women of tough love.


Harmony: In a chord, separate notes sound coincidentally to form a rich sound. We want the house to work in the same way. As many individuals thrown together, we seek to encourage the strength and beauty in each member. As notes in a chord, we want to compliment and accentuate the best in each other.


Deep Well: Instead of shallow relationships, we want this community to model a well that is deep, transparent and fluid. We want to be intimately connected to each other lives through the good and bad, the easy and the hard. This value summons iron women to seek out the reality rather than the perception of all things.


In other words, we keep it real. We realize that life isn’t its fullest without belonging to a community.


“The House of Thatcher has shown me that it is only through community that we can hope to know ourselves, and only through sisterhood that we can understand that beautiful, mysterious, and evasive thing that is camaraderie. I love these girls past all rationality.” – Kelly Cannon

“The House is a group of girls who are my family away from family – I’ve literally spent the last three Thanksgiving’s with them! The beautiful, intelligent, courageous, empathetic ladies of Thatcher have been my family when I needed family, a slap-in-the-face reality check when I needed it, an encouraging hug when I needed it, and a boost of confidence when I needed it. The House has enhanced my life immeasurably, and that is it’s greatest gift.” – Maddie Whitlock



The House Crest of Margaret Thatcher

On the shield is an MT for Margaret Thatcher. The phi, the Greek letter starting the word phileo, represents our house motto of “love” and the focus of what we are about. The Huguenot cross represents the love of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. The dove is the grace that we receive daily.

The Celtic claddagh stands for a perfect picture of our mission statement- love, community, and hope. The Chain mail behind the phi is the armor of God and gives us the protection to be mighty warrior women of God. The lion shows our unity and devotion to The King’s College.

The colors of the design are green and pink. We chose these colors to represent not only our house color, but also our spirit—green is our growth and pink is our passion, our love.