The King's College

House of Queen Elizabeth I

elizabeth banner



As Elizabethans, we aspire to be strong women of courage and discernment who are committed to following Christ’s lead together with dignity and grace.



Grace. Discernment. Monarchy.

We Elizabethans are an independent lot. But even Sherlock needs his Watson. In a city of millions and a college of hundreds, 50 women are here for you. We are your backbone in the City. We are your family at school. We are your sisters for life. Within weeks of arriving, you receive a “Tea Time Partner”—an upperclassman who is your connection at King’s and in the city—she is your partner for anything from coffee once a week, a fun adventure in the city once a month, or a mentor for the year.

When you are initiated into QE1, get ready. From dances with the Houses of Lewis and Reagan, to legendary talent shows at our house retreat, to dancing whenever music is played, we do them all with grace and a queenly wave.  We laugh together. We dance together. We remain together. Once a Queen, always a Queen.


“The House of QE1 is made of women who are godly, beautiful, hard-working and fun. It was a joy while at King’s to live life together and “encourage each other daily,” (Heb  +3:13) and it has been a blessing to continue to watch God’s plan unfold together in our friendships beyond college.” Kara Bettis ’13 

“The House of QE1 welcomed me into a committed community when I was displaced to a huge new city. It invited me to invest time and love into its community, and I’ve been receiving the rewards of profound friendship, motivation, and the sense of belonging that is so crucial to joy, wherever one is.” Celina Durgin ’15 

“Simply put, you don’t get this anywhere else. Strangers for a second, friends for a lifetime, you get that and more as a Queen.” Lucinda Sweazey ’15


The House Crest of Queen Elizabeth I

The House Crest is meant to reflect what we as Elizabethans value as a House. The woven background represents a sieve, which was an Elizabethan symbol of discernment and the ability to separate good from evil. We used it to represent not only discernment, but also authenticity and transparency, since a sieve is meant to be seen through. Just as each thread of the sieve is connected and intertwined with each other, so also are the relationships within our House. The weaving of the sieve also represents the intimacy within our House, for we are woven together as friends and sisters.

We then used in our House Crest, a crown. The crown represents sovereignty and authority. As Elizabethans we aspire to be strong, courageous women who know that we are daughters of the High King, Christ, and therefore as His daughters we share in His sovereignty.

The authority of the crown is supported by the color purple, which is the color of royalty. We claim this color not only because Christ is our king, but also because of the lineage of our royal namesake.

The last symbol on our crest is The King’s College lion. By having the lion as a part of our crest, we understand and lovingly acknowledge that we as a House are part of the greater community of The King’s College. We included the lion also because it is a symbol of courage, power, and royalty. As the House of Elizabeth I, we strive to remember that we are a group of young women who are not only committed to following Christ’s lead, but to also do it with courage, strength, and as dignified and graceful daughters of the King.