The King's College

House of Ronald Reagan



The House of Ronald Reagan exists to equip and encourage its members to be God-fearing men of integrity who take calculated risks while persevering in the pursuit of a significant life.

“There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” ― President Ronald Reagan


Loyalty: Loyalty is a choice; it is a conscious commitment to live out the Reagan Oath in thought, word, and deed.

Fraternity: The bond between brothers, earned and built over time through vulnerability. It is a decision to pursue life together, community that has no finish line.

Honor: Loving what the Lord says, counting the costs, and doing what is wise and required. Honor flows from a love of what is true, good, and beautiful.

The House Crest

RR: The two R’s symbolize the leadership of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Three Swords: The three swords symbolize authority, strength, and courage. A sword is a symbol of knighthood and chivalry.

Wolf: The wolf signifies responsible independence.

Lion: The lion stands for dauntless courage.

Blue: The blue stands for loyalty and trust.

Red: The red stands for military strength and warrior spirit.

Red, White, & Blue: The trifecta of red, white, and blue symbolize President Reagan’s ineffable patriotism.


Up and to the left: Looking up and to the left in all House pictures like the original Ronnie cutout did.

Mr. Gorbachev Chant: “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!” This is our main chant, and it comes out rain or shine.

Upperclassmen Retreat: This is our annual spring retreat for alumni and all current Reaganites who have completed one year at King’s. This continues to deepen Loyalty as it connects and reconnects upperclassmen with each other and with alumni.

Ronnie Cutout: A cutout of the one and only Ronald Reagan. Three total cutouts have popped up over the years. The House of Thatcher tries to steal one at every Basketball Competition (usually with little success).

SYS: These are small (3 to 5 guys) community groups where you learn to truly do life together. Ideally, your SYS group will be a band of brothers with whom you can be excruciatingly vulnerable and where this Fraternity will lead each other closer to Christ.

Reagan Oath: A commitment that every Reaganite has the choice to make to each other. It is a conscious commitment of Loyalty, Fraternity, and Honor to each brother in the House that goes beyond the usual bonds that unite college students.

Pushing Down the Tree: At each fall House-wide Reagan Retreat, the first year students push (yes, push, not chop) down a tree in the woods. It is a time for the first years to unite together and for the upperclassmen to share stories from the last 10 years of pushing down a tree.

The Biergarten: Getting a text saying, “Biergarten. 5 Minutes.” can entail anything from eating snacks together from Duane Reade, to talking about life, theology, and everything in between. Regardless of what is talked about, the Biergarten across from 95 Wall is the main gathering spot for Reagan and always means there will be a good time hanging out with the guys.

Dean’s List Dinner: An annual spring dinner for guys who made the Dean’s List the previous semester. This dinner out in the city on the House with our scholar and faculty advisor is a way of congratulating the guys for their great academic work.