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The House of Sojourner Truth strives to empower honorable Christian leaders who emanate Grace and Truth. We are Alive, Solid and Passionate.


Sisterhood. Color. Restoration. Pursuit of Wisdom.

The House of Sojourner Truth strives to empower honorable Christian leaders who emanate grace and truth. We are alive, solid, and passionate.

We are alive — Our value of COLOR means we are not content with a dull, grayscale, existence. We have been blessed with the opportunity to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. To embrace color is to embrace everything the city has to offer: art, food, and live performances to name a few.

We are solid — We also value SISTERHOOD and RESTORATION. You cannot live in close community without encountering conflict. Women in the House of Truth come together as sisters with grace and truth at the forefront of our minds. We seek to restore relationships with each other just as Christ restored us to Him.

We are passionate — PURSUIT OF WISDOM is key for us as students and as human beings. In order to live the good life we must understand what the good life is. And if we are to lead others we must be sure of where we are heading and what we mean to accomplish. This requires us to study the great writers and read the great books with zeal so that we then apply what we learn.

“The women of Truth befriended me immediately and made me feel like I was part of a strong, active community within King’s. Their loyalty and encouragement inspired me to become a better student, a stronger Catholic, and a better friend. It’s entirely due to the generosity and wisdom of my friends in the house that I am in a position of leadership today, they are why I couldn’t fathom attending any school but King’s.” Bianca C. ‘14

“After I took a semester off, it’s encouraging to have a community of women to return to who I can trust.” Hanah M. ‘15

“Our house is very loving in a way that never feels obligatory.” Hannah S. ‘16

The House Crest of Sojourner Truth

The House of Sojourner Truth strives to be solid, passionate, and alive. Red is the color of fortitude or solidity and is in the shape of a cross to symbolize our Christian faith. The indented lines at the top of the crest symbolize the city as well as fire and our commitment to passion. The phoenix represents resurrection and the life we find in Jesus Christ.

Truth is not only the name of our House, it is one of our highest goals. Blue is the color of truth, not to mention the color of The King’s College. Gold is the color of generosity, another characteristic we desire to see in our house.

The wheel encircled by hooks is the emblem of one who is prepared to undergo great trials for the Christian faith. It is known as a Catharine Wheel because St. Catharine was tortured with such a wheel before her execution. The ladies of the House of Truth are committed to following Christ and to withstand any trials that arise.

The King’s College educates leaders to become influential in strategic national institutions. A centaur signifies one who is eminent in his field. We are in preparation to achieve success in our field of choice and, doing so, to influence those already in influential positions.

The word “veritas” means truth in Latin and reminds us of our namesake and our goal.