Outright Gift

An outright gift to The King’s College is the most common type of gift. An outright gift of cash or appreciated assets such as property, securities, real estate, etc. can be advantageous for tax purposes. 

If you make an outright gift you will receive an immediate charitable contribution deduction for the full value of the gift as allowed by law. This type of transaction will avoid capital gains taxation on gifts of appreciated assets.

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Plan a Gift

Planned Giving enables donors to design charitable gift plans that not only benefit The King’s College, but which complement an individual’s personal financial planning. 

Designating a planned gift can be a rewarding experience, knowing that your impact and influence on an institution will potentially leave a legacy.

A ‘planned gift’ is charitable giving through bequests and trusts. Planned gifts include income generating gifts, gifts that allow you to pass your assets to heirs, testamentary gifts, and gifts of real and tangible personal property. This type of commitment ensures both a bright future for The King’s College and provides valuable benefits to the donor. 

  • Life-long income
  • Allows you to transfer your wealth to the next generation tax-free
  • Reduced or eliminated capital gains taxes
  • A current income tax deduction
  • Reduced or eliminated gift and estate taxes

Giving a planned gift allows you to make a permanent mark on The King’s College by investing in the education of future leaders. Although a gift to The King’s College may help you realize financial and tax rewards, we hope that the primary motivation to give will come from your desire to partner with us in fulfilling our unique and challenging mission.

Learn about types of planned gifts

Match a Gift

If you are considering making an outright gift many employers will match your gift one-for-one or even two-for-one, providing additional support for The King’s College. These programs are for working individuals and may be extended to retirees. If you want to know if your employer offers a matching gift program, you can find out online or contact your employer directly.

You can significantly increase your gift to The King’s College by checking with your human resources office and sending the matching gift form to:

The Office of Institutional Advancement
The King’s College
56 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

Alumni Giving Society

The Alumni Giving Society exists to encourage alumni to help the College provide an education based on the Gospel of Christ. Our graduates are lifelong learners who understand the value of their King’s education and are committed to paying it forward to the graduates who come after them. The Alumni Giving Society serves as a tangible mechanism for alumni to express their support.

Make a Pledge

If you wish to make a pledge to the College, please contact the Office of Advancement at 212-659-3602, or, if you prefer, send an email to advancement@tkc.edu. Once we are in touch, we will discuss your pledge, and find a method of gifting that fits your desires and provides maximum influence