International Ventures

International Ventures

International Ventures

Christian Worldview. Strategic Institutions. Deep Relationships.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

For every student, there is a moment of realization when they understand something new about themselves, God, or how the world works.

International Ventures are strategic projects organized by The King’s College that enable students and faculty to grapple with critical issues in foreign countries. These trips focus on engaging three key facets — ideas, institutions and people of influence.

Students see how ideas studied in the classroom directly influence policies and cultures overseas. Team members explore the hot-button issues unique to each country and serve as a voice for liberty and universal principles. Students learn to diplomatically communicate their worldview and the essence of The King’s College curriculum.

International Ventures introduce students to the strategic institutions in foreign nations— both public and private. Teams interact with think-tanks and universities through forums, presentations and cultural exchanges. Students visit key government and commercial centers to explore the role they play in shaping the world today.

The heart of International Ventures is interacting with societal influencers — the current and future leaders of a nation. Team members meet national leaders and build bridges with top university students. Through idea-centered exchanges, King’s students build meaningful friendships and have opportunities to discuss the underlying principles that shape current news headlines. 

Participants in International Ventures trips cross more than international borders. They learn to cross cultural, language and worldview borders. Teams put feet to the mission of The King’s College by engaging leaders of other nations.


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