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ISRAEL-DAY-5 (15 of 41)

Experience Biblical and Modern Israel

Through the generous funding from Museum of the Bible and the organization of Passages Israel, King’s students have the opportunity to spend 10 days in Israel with Drs. Johnson and Bradley. They will see both ancient biblical sites and the modern cosmopolitan centers of Israel. They will also hear lectures from nationally-recognized Israeli and Palestinian experts in the military conflicts, peace negotiations, church leaders, and political theorists, and come to know the geography behind the biblical story of Israel.


  • Cost: $600 (includes all airline, hotel, transportation, and food from NYC to Israel and back)
  • Dates: May 21–June 1, 2017 (students staying in NYC after the end of the semester can stay in student housing until May 21st for a very nominal fee)
  • A 3-credit course is offered in conjunction. REL 299 “Life in Ancient Israel.” (This course is not required to go on the trip, but can be taken on top of going on the trip. It must be paid for separately.).
  • Current Students: If you’re ready to apply for the trip, login to your Google account and then click HERE.