“The Board of Trustees of The King’s College has done well in selecting Gregory Thornbury as the institution’s next president. He is a gifted scholar and a dynamic leader in Christian higher education. He will bring vision and energy to the task of educating faithful young Christians of many different traditions for leadership in the Church and the world.”

– Dr. Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University


“The King’s College has chosen one of this generation’s most vibrant evangelical leaders to be the new president. Greg Thornbury is convictional, rooted in the ancient truths of orthodox Christianity. He is also gifted with discernment, able to speak to the culture with winsome clarity. He is Jonathan Edwards with a guitar and a subscription to Rolling Stone. The Thornbury presidency will lead The King’s College to its greatest days, and could, by God’s grace, spark a new evangelical intellectual and activist renaissance.”

– Dr. Russell D. Moore, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention


“Greg Thornbury is one of the most significant thinkers and public intellectuals among American evangelicals. He combines scholarship, Christian conviction, and a keen cultural awareness. He will bring tremendous leadership to the King’s College, and I will expect great things from his historic appointment. I have known Greg Thornbury for twenty years now, and I am confident that he will lead the King’s College into a new era of influence as it equips and educates s a rising generation of young evangelicals for the challenges ahead. The election of Greg Thornbury as President of King’s College is great news for the evangelical movement in America — and beyond.”

– Dr. Albert Mohler, President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In these challenging times, with the influence of the Church declining and biblical illiteracy rising at an alarming rate in the West, it is wonderful news that The King’s College will be led by a great theologian. Not only is Dr. Greg Thornbury a scholar, but he understands the power and relevancy of the Holy Scriptures to address every issue facing our culture today. And more importantly he has the skill to communicate these truths to the next generation of Christian leaders.”

– Emmanuel Kampouris, Former Chairman and CEO of American Standard Inc., and Founder of Kairos and


“Greg Thornbury is a theological savant and a profoundly committed Christian who makes scholarship and discipleship look like a gas and a half. This, combined with his infectious humility, grace, winsomeness, joie de vivre, and cultural sophistication, render him so exquisitely fitted for the Presidency of King’s College that one may be forgiven for thinking of him as a key which the Lord has fashioned for this particular lock. Let’s rejoice as the door now opens and we explore together what lies beyond, to the glory of the Lord. Amen.”

– Eric Metaxas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” and Founder of Socrates in the City


“Greg Thornbury is a uniquely gifted thinker, speaker and writer, a respected leader and preacher and a devoted husband and dad — and he can really play the guitar! He does it all with genuine humility and a wonderful sense of humor. He will surely lead The King’s College community to new heights.”

– James Filippatos, VP Global Public Policy, Global Media Company


“The King’s community will quickly find Dr. Thornbury to be a brilliant scholar, a gifted communicator and teacher, an astute interpreter of theology and culture, a thoughtful and collaborative administrator, a faithful churchman, a convictional evangelical, a devoted Christ-follower, and a wise leader. These special gifts, along with his years of superb service in Christian higher education, will provide him with with the vision and perspective necessary to guide The King’s College into a bright and hopeful future in the days to come. We certainly join with many others in wishing God’s grace and blessings for Greg and Kimberly Thornbury, as well as for the trustees, faculty, staff, and students of The King’s College.”

–  Dr. David S. Dockery, President, Union University


“Surveying the cultural landscape there’s a lot that should concern the Christ follower living in the 21st century. Because of this I am constantly praying that God would raise up the next generation of leaders who are passionate about Christ, ruthlessly committed to the Scriptures yet vessels of love and grace to our world. Dr. Greg Thornbury is an answer to this prayer. In one hand he has an unwavering grip on the truth of God’s Word, but with the other hand he has a clear feel for the pulse of our world. This combination will serve Dr. Thornbury well as he leads The Kings College into the future. I am more hopeful than ever.”

– Bryan Loritts, Lead Pastor, Fellowship Memphis, Author, A Cross Shaped Gospel