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Career Spotlight: Heidi Capnerhurst ’12

Class of 2012 student Heidi Capnerhurst speaks about her career at Digitas.

Career Spotlight: Chris Hanson ’15

MCA major Chris Hanson (Class of 2015) talks about his experience with the Disney College Program.

Dr. Dru Johnson Named Senior Research Fellow at Carl F.H. Henry Center

In Fall 2018, Dr. Dru Johnson will complete a research fellowship sponsored by the Creation Project at the Carl F.H. Henry Center.

International Ventures Returns from the Caribbean

A team of students recently traveled to a closed Caribbean nation, where they shared the Gospel with people who have never heard the good news of Jesus.

Professor Brenberg Discusses Ben Carson’s Tax Plan on ‘Fox & Friends’

Breaking down Ben Carson’s ideas for tax reform.

Career Spotlight: Cori O’Connor ’15

Class of 2015 student Cori O’Connor explains her internship at the Walton Reporter and future career goals.

Career Spotlight: Bethany Hennigh ’15

Class of 2015 Bethany Hennigh (now Barnes) gives an insight to her internship at Nomi Network.

Career Spotlight: Catherine Ratcliffe ’14

Class of 2014 student Catherine Ratcliffe is interviewed about her internship at the New York Musical Theater Festival.

Career Spotlight: Chris Ross ’10

Class of 2012 student Chris Ross speaks about his experience in law school post-King’s.

Career Spotlight: Allyson Philobos ’14

Class of ’14 student Allyson Philobos discusses her internship at 20th Century Fox and Indian Paintbrush and gives advice to current King’s students.