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King’s Named a College of Distinction, Awarded for Excellence in Career Development and Business

The accolade as a College of Distinction (2019-20), along with additional awards, speaks to the College’s emphasis on student success and the effectiveness of its curriculum.

Career Spotlight: Cori O’Connor ’15

Class of 2015 student Cori O’Connor explains her internship at the Walton Reporter and future career goals.

Career Spotlight: Heidi Capnerhurst ’12

Class of 2012 student Heidi Capnerhurst speaks about her career at Digitas.

Career Spotlight: Chris Hanson ’15

MCA major Chris Hanson (Class of 2015) talks about his experience with the Disney College Program.

Professor Brenberg Discusses Ben Carson’s Tax Plan on ‘Fox & Friends’

Breaking down Ben Carson’s ideas for tax reform.

Dr. Dru Johnson Named Senior Research Fellow at Carl F.H. Henry Center

In Fall 2018, Dr. Dru Johnson will complete a research fellowship sponsored by the Creation Project at the Carl F.H. Henry Center.

International Ventures Returns from the Caribbean

A team of students recently traveled to a closed Caribbean nation, where they shared the Gospel with people who have never heard the good news of Jesus.

Career Spotlight: Catherine Ratcliffe ’14

Class of 2014 student Catherine Ratcliffe is interviewed about her internship at the New York Musical Theater Festival.

Career Spotlight: Bethany Hennigh ’15

Class of 2015 Bethany Hennigh (now Barnes) gives an insight to her internship at Nomi Network.

Career Spotlight: Allyson Philobos ’14

Class of ’14 student Allyson Philobos discusses her internship at 20th Century Fox and Indian Paintbrush and gives advice to current King’s students.