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Admissions Counselor

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A Note from Joleinn: As a native New Yorker, I never dreamed that I would stay in NYC for college. Yet, I found myself completely captivated by The King’s College, with its values, curriculum and vision. For me, the faculty were one of the reasons I adored my time in school. I remember multiple occasions where I sat in my professor’s office, asking all types of questions. And every time, I was met with respect and patience. There was never a question too outlandish or inappropriate! Most of my revelations came from sitting in their offices. If you choose King’s, I’d encourage you to spend time getting to know your professors, they’re some of the best people in higher education. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to hear more about how you can join The King’s College, NYC.

Time at King's: September 2019 to Present


B.A. Media, Culture, and the Arts
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